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Thursday, June 14, 2018

NEW VIDEO: Substance Abuse feat. Aceyalone "Bridges"

Eso Tre and Subz are L.A. duo Substance Abuse, presenting the RCKLSS ABNDN-directed music video for the Waes One and Philm One-produced single “Bridges”, featuring Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship. Former URB Next 100 picks, their 2006 album Overproof (Bandcamp) featured MF DOOM, Saafir, P.E.A.C.E., Kool Keith, Motion Man, Kutmasta Kurt and Rasco, while 2012's Background Music (Spotify) featured Myka Nyne, Tash of Tha Alkaholiks, KRS-One, MC Eiht and Percee P. Aceyalone is a founding member of Freestyle Fellowship, a collective that brought an improvisational focus to the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene in the 1990s. "Subz came up with the idea for 'Bridges' because he felt we needed to do a song about unity in these increasingly divisive times we're in," Eso says. "We couldn't think of a better emcee than Aceyalone to bring on board, as he has a special talent for creating dope songs built off of a single metaphor. Our goal was to create something in the tradition of our heroes The Native Tongues, a track that was jazzy, positive, and upbeat but with a message that the modern audiences could relate to."

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Professor MIC, Anika K, and Kenyadda

Alright ladies and gents, welcome to the latest edition of the SHOW AND PROVE 2018 BLVDAVE FEATURE ! This is Week four of the feature which makes this now a month old ! We have the homie from Chicago Professor MIC, singer Anika K, and Kenyadda, who also hails from the city of wind, Chicago ! Check out the playlist HERE, that now has 16 tracks !I even added one of my old songs on there for nostalgia purposes lol. Its growing weekly and I am now thinking about doing a BlvdAve "Show and Prove" Mixtape. Below you will find the artist individual links to their soundcloud profiles, instagram, and other contact information. Thank you all who have been checking out these artist's music, it is definitely appreciated. We'll see yall next week !
 ARTIST # 1:
Anika K

BIO: Before she began her singing career, Anika was a political journalist who spent her time between Berlin and Bristol, England. She happened to meet producer Geoff Barrow, who was looking for a female vocalist to work with his band Beak>, and the pair discovered they had lots of musical common ground: punk, dub, and '60s girl groups. Anika joined the band in the studio and they recorded nine songs, including a cover of Yoko Ono's "Yang Yang," in 12 days with no overdubs. The result, First Lady of Invada, was released by Barrow's Invada imprint in Europe and by Stones Throw in the U.S. and Japan in October 2010. The Anika EP, which featured dub versions of several songs from her debut album as well as covers of songs by the Crystals and Shocking Blue, arrived in April 2013. ~ Heather Phares  
Twitter: @anikaaaamusic        
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "Questions"
BIO: Songwriter, rapper, producer and singer Kenyadda formerly known as Kenn J gained notoriety from his 2015 mixtape "Know Ur Worth". After spending 12 years of his life in Chicago he moved to the suburbs where he met Scotty Roze and together, they started the independent label IV$E. He is influenced by artists such as Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Jay-z, Kanye West, Nelly, Lauryn Hill, and The Temptations. He is known for his soulful music, witty wordplay, and sarcasm. Kenyadda's flow has been described as "a breathe of fresh air with vintage feel" while managing to still make catchy up to date melodies. While honing the title as "Hip Hops Savior" he released his sophomore mixtape titled "Homage" in October 2017 , in which he takes classic hiphop records and approaches them as if they're his own. The release of Homage shows that Kenyadda is here to make his mark in the music industry showing creativity, versatility and longevity.
Twitter: @Kennj4sho     
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "Different"

Professor MIC

Artist | Producer | Audio Engineer | Designer | Creative Director /CHOPGOD/ co owner of BullzWin Studios LLC
Twitter: @ProfessorMic       
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "FAITH"

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Chaos, Leejin, and producers The Tomahawks

Alright ladies and gents, welcome to the latest edition of the SHOW AND PROVE 2018 BLVDAVE FEATURE ! Week three of the SHOW AND PROVE FEATURE has some variety! We have a dancehall artist from Jamaica (Chaos), an artist from Washington D.C. (Leejin), and a production team (The Tomahawks) Check out the playlist HERE, that now has 12 tracks so far on it and is growing weekly. Below you will find the artist individual links to their soundcloud profiles and contact information.


BIO:  Winston Francis aka Chaos age 35 born may 25 From humble beginnings in St. Ann Jamaica, Winston was set to strive for his own from a early age. A single mother and several other sibling he was forced to expand his role and his out look at life. Regardless of the hardships he encountered and no matter the obstacle along the way, the determination to excel in music never dwindled, never died. Now as a writer and artist, Chaos uses his medium to express his own feelings and invoke thoughts on matters in our day to day society, shedding light on issues and struggles that his son Dantae will be forced to grow up in. As a single father of a teen aged son, this may be his only chance to impact a nation and change societal ways for his son. so i put out song like working harder n workin n stop fight n fus was all pro by lyion house music n many for my new project is a gal song pro by me n distrubtion by johnny wonder​​​. 
Twitter: @chaosonestep      
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: 



Twitter: @Leejin1k 
IG: @leejin1k
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "3D Animal"


The Tomahawks

The Tomahawks consist of two producers, Jalen Cheatham(@UNDFTD_J) & Aj Robinson (@ajistall). Individually, they both began producing in 2012 after Senior Year of high school. In early 2016, they established themselves as "The Tomahawks". Recently, they have been working with the talented acts- Anika(@anikaaaamusic), CJ Francis IV(@cjfrancisiv), and Mp$(@mpthaboy). Also, Aj is the manager of up and coming artist- Anika(@anikaaaamusic). 
Music coming soon! The Tomahawks will be releasing a compilation album, and Anika will be dropping her own EP.

Twitter: @TMHWKS      
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Zeke Bryant, Sonny Trill and Phil Good

Alright please excuse the lateness, I haven't had time to post any of the stuff I've wanted to this week so far, but its finally here. Week two of the SHOW AND PROVE FEATURE on BLVDAVE ! Check out the playlist HERE, that has 8 tracks so far on it and will grow weekly. Below you will find the artist individual links to their soundcloud profiles and contact information.


Zeke Bryant
Twitter: izekebryant
 For Business Inquiries -
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018:

Sonny Trill
Twitter: sonny_trill
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018:
Phil Good
Twitter: FGSTPhil  
IG: FGSTPhil  
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018:
"Back On" Feat. Leblok James & Spook G.

 Lastly check out the rest of the talent featured on the "Show & Prove 18" Playlist on Soundcloud !

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Substance Abuse

Check out Substance Abuse's submitted track titled "Don't Get Us Wrong" Feat. Tash
off the EP "Background Music: The Redux":

Los Angeles hip-hop duo Substance Abuse return to hip-hop with their remix EP, Background Music: The Redux.  Consisting of emcee Subz and Eso Tre, Substance Abuse present a work that re-imagines some of the classic tracks first introduced on their critically acclaimed sophomore effort, “Background Music”.
Substance Abuse stick to their trade mark style of socially conscious content. The track “Rear View” featuring KRS-One, tackles the futility of trying to embrace a time period that is gone and never will be again, while still affirming some of the timeless values that people cherished during that era.  Rear View: The Chase Remix embodies a new take on the track played on DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz radio show as well as many other reputable outlets.
Background Music” refers to the state of hip hop today, explains Eso “where the music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had.”  It also refers to how our music is construed by the masses, people who generally seem to favor the popular over the obscure.  Real hip-hop has been forced to play the “background” to club and dance music that seems devoid of any message or staying power.
After gaining much acclaim for their collaboration with MF Doom on the infectious single “Profitless Thoughts,” Substance Abuse released their debut Overproof in 2006. The album featured SaafirKool KeithMotion ManKutmasta Kurt,RascoThes-One, and MF Doom and received critical acclaim from outlets such as YRBURBScratch Magazine,and 944.  That album was followed by the classic “Background Music”, featuring Tash, Sadat X, Percee P, Myka Nyne, MC EihtKRS-Oneand Max Julien (The Mack).
What looms in the background of today’s music scene are people who are fed up with the current state of affairs and want change. If you’re one of them, check out Background Music: The Redux.

Listen to Substance Abuse and other participating artist on the BLVDAVE 2018 Show & Prove Playist here on Soundcloud !!!

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Drug Music Ink

Check out Drug Music Ink's submitted track titled  "Never See Me Go" with  Richpockets,  DaimyoTex, Bigshot & Boro Hall :
Follow them on Twitter: @richpockets @daimyotex @bigshotsworld @borohall2

Drug Music Ink is composed of the following Four Individuals that all hail from Brooklyn, NYC:

BIGSHOT- Raised in bedstuy Brooklyn Ny home of many greats and made in Boston Ma a champion city Bigshot was no stranger to struggle style and being the Best His confident delivery and sharp witty lyrics and style has set him apart from many musicians in his era, Not only is he one of the top mcs hes also a vivid writer and has a great ear for music. Bigshots name apeaks for itself so get ready world.


DAIMYO TEX- Influenced by the Pioneers & Inspired by the Legends... Music has always been my passion, with Hip Hop being my main addiction since hearing the Message. From freestyling, battling, & writing I've evolved...Project bred, Brooklyn fed, the struggle continues with each breath -DAIMYO TEX Life,Lyrics, & Realizm As a founding father of DRUGMUSICINK our mission is to resurrect Hip Hop & build our Legacy.

BORO HALL- Boro hall is a Brooklyn Ny native! Born and raised in the gowanus houses where other great rap legends arrive from such as whodini ra diggs g.i.b and more? he's well known and complemented on his unorthodox but versatile rap style in reminisce of greats such as notorious b.i.g and other well known top rappers. He's one fourth of the super group drugmusicink. We're as a whole are about to take the world by storm.

Listen to Drug Music Ink and other participating artist on the BLVDAVE 2018 Show & Prove Playist here on Soundcloud !!!

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Artist Six Fo

Song Title: "Millionaire Ninu Traffic"
Artist Name: Six Fo
Genre: Afro Trap
Location: Lagos
Bio: Six Fo is a HipHop artist hailing from Lagos. He got his start as one of the emerging artists in Africa and he is now stepping out and delivering a whole new product.
Check out Six Fo at the following links:

Listen to Six Fo and other participating artist on the BLVDAVE 2018 Show & Prove Playist here on Soundcloud !!! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artist Spotlight: FATIGUE

Ok, here at BlvdAve we're all about showing love to up and coming unsigned talent. One of our own, and founders of Noemi Media group ( Tazo C) is one himself !!! So Enter our special edition ARTIST SPOTLIGHT of ATL artist FATIGUE. He hit us up awhile ago but things have been so busy for us over here at BlvdAve & Noemi Media Group as a whole that we havent had a chance to show him some love. Well Fatigue, you time on the AVE has come !!! Check this young brother out, he's got some talent. Below you will find a download to his single "Life Like a Party" and links to his twitter,facebook, and myspace. Thanks for submitting your stuff to BLVDAVE FATIGUE ! We wish you much success on your musical Journey and see you at the top !!!


They say never judge a book by its cover, but for a Young Mississippi boy, Marcus Ohuonu cover was the only shield of sanity he had while creating feel good music to eliminate memories of a painful past. Born on June 15, the self proclaimed MC started his musical journey during a time when he lost his mother, his grandmother, an aunt and a cousin all to untimely deaths. “What don’t kill you definitely makes you stronger”, said FATIGUE as he talked about his journey to the industry.” I remember breaking peas while listening to blues with my grandmother,” said the rapper, “At that point I knew music would play a pivotal role in my future”. In 1997 he formed the dynamic duo Toy Soldiers alongside a childhood friend where the name FATIGUE was born. With little foundation to stand, the group submerged, and FATIGUE found himself on a college campus composing a 23 song mix-tape entitled, "Brake Yo Self”. As a result of FATIGUE'S local success, he knew it was time for a major change, one that meant uprooting to a bigger city with better opportunities. In a 1989 abandoned white Jeep Cherokee, FATIGUE packed all of his belongings, and moved to Atlanta where he currently resides with a passionate drive, finally living his dream and looking back on everything that happened with a Smile. --Talk About Perseverance!

Check Fatigue out at the following links:

"LIike a G6" Rockmix - DOWNLOAD

"Life Like a Party" - DOWNLOAD

Here's the vid to Like a G6 Rockmix as well :


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

*Shameless plug* The Chicago Massacre" Download it now !!!

Ok yall, its no secret that one of the founders of Noemi Media Group (Tazo C) is an aspiring artist from Chicago. So in the vein of Benzino during his stint at The SOURCE, ZO wanted to post his mixtape ! lol. Luckily, "The Chicago Massacre" is actually good ! Released in august of last year, "The Chicago Massacre" garnered acclaim from everyone who listened or downloaded it, and even received 4/5 stars on Catch your attention yet ??? You be the judge !!! Try either of these links to download & determine your own thoughts on Tazo C's 1st Mixtape:

Remember feedback is always welcome here at blvdave !!! we wanna hear your thoughts so definitely send comments !!!
you can also catch Tazo C on twitter @Legendkillerzo and his youtube channel

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