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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Comedy on the AVE: 4:4:1 - A Comedy Experience by Andrew Schulz

Yo ! since Ive been listening to podcasts and doing a podcast with some friends, the Brilliant Idiots have been a fave of mine, of which Andrew Schulz is one of the co-host. In an effort to make sure I watch it myself and maybe snag a few new viewers of this blog, here's the link to Schulz's  Standup Comedy titled "4:4:1" I tried to embed the video but YouTube wouldn't let me so sorry for that. The link will have to suffice.

New York is the number 1 comedy city in the United States. Andrew Schulz is going to show you what it is like to be a working stand up comedian in this great city. But he doesn't want to just show you what it means to be the funniest in the heart of comedy, he wants you to experience it. Join him in 4 clubs, 4 sets, 1 night. 4:4:1 - A Comedy Experience by Andrew Schulz.

From MTV's Guy Code and Girl Code, to co hosting one of the most successful podcasts on the Loud Speakers Network with his friend Charlamagne tha God; Andrew Schulz always knows how to keep it funny.

Filmed at Comic Strip, Comedy Cellar

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