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Monday, September 24, 2012

Taster'Z Choice: Reloaded

Whats Good world, just giving you all an update on our Upstart shirt brand, Taster'Z Choice. First and foremost, I wanna say thank you to all who have supported this idea and have checked out our site thus far. It truly me means alot to me. I am humbled and grateful 1000 times!!!! Now that that's been said, lets get to business shall we ?? lol. Since the last post a month ago (Read it HERE) we've made some progress in getting our designs made at a much faster pace than before. Since we're a start-up, instead of getting mass quantities of each shirt design made, we focus on getting the sample shirts done and the clothing for us to wear only. Therefore everything is made to order and gives us a easier process to get things done. I must say I am excited about the process of seeing things transition from a sketch, to a digital image, and finally the finished product. Below you'll see some of our latest creations by Taster'Z Choice Designer Maurice "Big Reese" Barnes (follow him on twitter ). Get use to us ladies and gents, we may have just emerged, but we plan on getting bigger, better, and being here awhile. Big Shoutout to Mike P (follow him on twitter ) for helping us out in this whole process and bringing these creations to life. See you guys in a couple weeks when we debut some more new pieces. In the meanwhile, check out our Taster'Z Choice site and this post Mike P did on Taster'Z Choice awhile ago

-ZO (BlvdAve E.I.C and Taster'Z Choice co-founder)

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Loud PAC

Loud PAC: Ladies Edition

Chicago's Choice Heather/Navy

Chicago's Choice White/Royal






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