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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


BLUMHOUSE'S TRUTH OR DARE MOVIE REVIEW AND SPOILERS - The movie that is trending on the internet, which is not based on a Madonna album by the way, is the horror film Truth or Dare! Put your books down, turn off TV, stop researching things, because folks - It's time to turn your brains off. Is this one of the dumbest movies Korey has seen in a long time? Find out tonight, and find out how ridiculous the ending to this film is as we discuss the spoilers and show clips from trailers from both 2017 and 2018, leading up to the release of Jason Blum's newest outing in this funny video!

And for more funny videos head on over to for funny movie reviews and movie trailer reactions to official trailers of 2017 and 2018 livestreamed for your viewing pleasure all throughout the week!

Monday, April 23, 2018

RAMPAGE MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted Reviews

RAMPAGE MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted Reviews - Dwayne The Rock Johnson is back and although we've done trailer reaction to trailer 1 and 2, the Double Toasted podcast is here to finally review the film based on the video game, Rampage! Will this be the same old song and dance with video game movies? Or will The Rock's talents of singing, workout routines, doing 10 movies at the same time, etc. will actually lend itself to The Rock's benefit in making the first great video game flick? Find out in this funny video!


READY PLAYER ONE MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted Reviews - The Double Toasted movie review podcast is back and you've seen us doing a reaction to trailer 1, 2, and even the SXSW trailers but now, there is no more sneak-peek clip videos or scene highlights or TV spots or teasers! Now, it's time for us to see if the trailer hype lived up to the quality of the film and vice versa! We review this movie trying our best to contain our nerdom and excitement in this funny video!


PACIFIC RIM UPRISING MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted - The Double Toasted podcast review a new sci fi film in 2018 called Pacific Rim Uprising. This action film follows on from the original Pacific Rim film that starred Idris Elba, with a younger cast, starring John Boyeg and Charlie Day . In this video we look at the trailer just to give you a feel for the film before we get into it. The film, which tries to take anime to live-action in a lot of ways, is basically about robots fighting monsters. A robot movie and monster movie all in one. What could go wrong? Well check out our movie review of the film while using some of our trademark toasty goodness humour. Who knows, maybe a giant monster will come crashing into the studio and eat Korey and crew. What would we do then? Build giant robots of course just like Pacific Rim Uprising.

A QUIET PLACE MOVIE REVIEW (Starring John Krasinski)

A QUIET PLACE MOVIE REVIEW (Starring John Krasinski) - The double toasted podcast is back with another movie review. In this funny video above, we take a look at a movie called A Quiet Place, Starring John Krasinski, who also Directed, and Emily Blunt. The film is a small monster film, or creature film, that follows a family as they try to survive in a post apoclyptic world. The creatures in this world hunt by sound, so the family take every measure to be as quiet as possible throughout the film, but can they plan for everything? This Horror film is having a popular response on the internet and at SXSW was given a standing ovation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Reviews on the AVE: Double Toasted Reviews TYLER PERRY'S 'ACRIMONY'

TYLER PERRY'S ACRIMONY MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted - He's back! Back again! But is this going to be as bad as Perry's other movies? Are we gonna' be talking about another Boo-quality film? We'll find out as Tyler Perry who usually plays Madea in his films, takes a step back along with the comedy, and gives us something serious! We show clips from the trailer and some of Perry's other movies as we review this film in full, in this funny video!

Reviews on the AVE: Double Toasted Reviews 'BLOCKERS' Starring John Cena

BLOCKERS MOVIE REVIEW (Starring John Cena) - With WWE Wrestlemania season drawing near, we now get to play the theme song everyone loves to put on repeat! IT'S JOHN CENA! And although he's certainly stepped up his game from his cinematic debut in The Marine, we still are a little bit cautious heading into this film. Will John Cena be forced to going back to being WWE Champion or starring on the cover of WWE 2k18? Or are we increasingly seeing a future in the cinemas for Mr. Cena? Find out in this funny movie review!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Double Toasted Reviews DEATH WISH

DEATH WISH MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted Reviews - Bruce Willis is back and this time he is trying to channel his inner Charles Bronson as we began to see in early trailers back in 2017 of this movie, but now after countless sequels ranging from Death Wish 2, 3, 4, 5, or however many they are, this movie is going to act as cinematic coffee with all the action and gunplay you're about to see! However, is that going to be a good thing or a bad thing?


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