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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

stfuMikeP on the AVE: Chicago Streetwear Boutiques

Mike P here.  In my recent absence from the Ave, I've been trying to find something else to post about than Nike SB.  So what I have today is a bit different.

There are only a few local spots around Chicago that truly offer great service as well as deliver a quality product.  Out of the 4 or 5 boutiques around the Chi, I'm going to give a little insight as to what is currently being sold in my favorite shops.  Today, we have some looks from Jugrnaut, RSVP Gallery, and my favorite, Saint Alfred.  There are a few more around the city (which shall remain nameless, however you can probably guess by process of elimination), but in my opinion, they lack the service and quality that Chicago needs.

So here's what's goin on.

Jugrnaut remains one of my favorite boutiques because they have a crazy selection of brands as well as a constantly evolving in-house brand.  Their in-house is always coming up with some creative graphics at a solid price.

From their recent 4/20 drop, along with a few "green"-related tees, they dropped a few hoodies.

A simple zip-up with subtle, understated graphics. Really soft cotton, too.

And my personal favorite,

A nice black pullover with the JGRNT typeface and the beautiful Chicago skyline as a fill.  While this graphic has been used from a few other brands, it is nice to see a Chicago brand finally take hold and deliver.

If I'm not mistaken, both of these hoodies are still available in the shop. Either way, definitely a fun place to check out. LOOK OUT FOR THEIR UPCOMING SALE.

Next up, my personal favorite, Saint Alfred.

To me, STA has been the staple streetwear store in Chicago for the past few years.  These guys are all about quality and service, and that is something seldom seen within the streetwear world as of late.
Although they may offer some of the same brands that Jugrnaut carries, they do have a few more that cater to the dressier crowd. The one thing that adds to their extensive brand selection and impressive in-house brand is their outstanding sneaker and shoe collection.  Among the many pairs of Vans and random selections of Nike Sportswear, you can always bet Saint Alfred will be offering the latest Jordan drops, as well as some limited collaborations from time to time.  

They recently added (and still have in stock) the Missoni x Converse Chuck Hi's.

When the recent women's Nike Liberty Pack came out, STA installed this pretty tight fixture up on the wall:

Did I mention these guys have the dopest in-house brand around? Yeah? Well, I'll say it again. THIS STORE HAS ONE OF THE BEST IN-HOUSE BRANDS AROUND.

I mentioned they were all about quality, and that's the truth.  Smooth prints, simple graphics, appropriate typography, and the the softest hoodies you'll find.  They also offer a wide variety of fitteds and snapbacks which they always have in stock.

On my recent trips, here are some of my favorites they still have in stock:

Their Canadian fleece "Script" Hoodie:

The Saint Alfred Crewneck (same Canadian Fleece):

Some snapbacks (note I said SOME):

David Rasool Robinson's "Burnout" print (also available in black and white):

The recent "Eyes" tee (also available in white):

And so much more.  If you have never stopped in, do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed. These guys do it right.

On top of it all, I contacted the store manager, and the man behind the "Burnout" tee, David Robinson, about what to expect from Saint Alfred over the summer.  He replied with:

New 5 panels, Ts, light jackets, a few apparel collabs and a couple footwear collabs. We don't think people will be disappointed...

And last but not least, RSVP Gallery.
Just a stones throw away from STA, RSVP attracts a different crowd than the last two places mentioned (aka, if you have some money to spend, this place is for you).

With a decent in-house tee, these guys are more about the brands they carry.  If you have a hankering for some nice denim, RSVP always has a hefty amount of APC in stock.  They also recently just did a collab with ASVP Rocky for their House of Blues show.  Check out the vid.

I'm gonna let the shop speak for itself, because it really is a sight to see.  But it you are ever in the market for some Ambush POW! chains or "Eye Am Not Alone" Rings, C.d.G, BBC, some fine Just Don Snakeskin hats, or any interesting fashion literature or lifestyle products,  stop through and see what's up...unless you have an aversion to neon, then you're out of luck.

That's my bit.  Hope you guys decide to check out these spots.  Addresses and contact info can be found below.

RSVP Gallery
1753 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 770-6666
St. Alfred
1531 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 486-7159
427 South Dearborn
Chicago, IL 
(312) 435-4635

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