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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sneaks on the Ave: Supra Reed Pack

Recent drops suggested Supra was moving toward celebrating their riders with new release packs instead of the color themes that dominated the summer months, but here's a new trio from the crown brand that suggests either option is just a release announcement away.  The Supra Reed Pack doesn't seem to be a shoutout to the woodwind family of instruments, but then again, it doesn't really resemble papyrus or any other reed, for that matter.  But just as was the case with the recent 'Stealth Pack', this thematic vagueness doesn't detract from the rich burgundy satin TUF design applied to the Supra Skytop and Thunders in both Low and High.  Look at them more closely after the jump and look for them at your local Supra dealer.

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