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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Born in Chicago on Feb 14,1987 to Preston and Susan Leflore,Levar Leflore(NikkoGrey) was a gift with a gift. Influenced by the sounds of the latest music  his parents played throughout the house as a child,Nikko was destined to inherit the taste for quality music. Being the youngest of two sons, Nikko was always inspired by the Hip Hop greats his older brother had introduced him to. As a child he began playing football and immediatley it became a way of life. With football coursing thru his veins, music was always the prefix to a game. When Nikko was in High School he began taking in interest in making music. introduced by a few friends he began composing instrumentals. He and a schoolmate from the same block began making cds full of amature instrumentals that other classmates had taking a liking to. With dreams of pursuing a football career, Nikko put his musical aspirations to the side. But in college, Nikko began to want to pursue music again. with the help of facebook he reconnected with an old friend that he began making music with. "He expressed that he wanted to become an artist" said Producer GoldyBarra. The combination of NikkoGrey and GoldyBarra, along with his trials and tribulations, write the stories only that be told through music. Nikko currently finished up his second mixtape titled "LAVENDER" and starting work on a third, NikkoGrey hopes to have longevity in the music game. With a Fuck you attitude and the skills of a professional, Nikko Grey is here !!! 

So there you have it ladies and gents, Noemi Media Group's own Nikko Grey. His 2nd mixtape "LAVENDER" is dropping this summer. Until then, here's a couple links and videos to get your Nikko Grey fix: 

(Nikko Grey formerly went by the moniker Boy Giz, this is a link to his debut mixtape) 

also follow Nikko on facebook and twitter !! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Special Edition Artist Spotlight + Mixtape Download

 Here we are again yall, with the special edition Artist Spotlight featuring Chicago's Own, the Homie Mav !
We met him on twitter about a year ago, and the homie has been doin his thing here in the Chi with Chicago Rap Legend, Twista. Fastforward to the present, and here we are with a Post in support of Mav's latest solo project "Spirit Killers".
This self-proclaimed "Hybrid-Emcee" got his shot at music stardom when multi-platinum hip hop artist Twista asked him to record a track for his "Twista presents Who'$ Got Next" compilation album. Twista was so impressed with his music and work ethic that he went on to host Mav’s I Got Next 2 mixtape. What separates Mav from the pack is the fact that he is an educated kid that came from a notorious housing project and still remains true to his roots. He continues to represent the HOOD, his real Alma Mater, but at the same time embrace his college experience. In Hip Hop a ‘tough’ persona is deemed necessary, so you won’t see many rappers preaching about a college education. Mav finds ways to deliver a meaningful message in his music like Kanye, but give it in simplistic/hook-driven form like Gucci Mane. You gotta love him. His music can be described as Educated-Hood music, often times a little more hood. Don't expect to hear any deep Pharaohe Monch-Common like lyrics. Most of Hip Hop’s audience today prefer a message in its most simplistic form. I think Jay-Z said it best when he said "if lyrics sold truth be told, I'd prolly be lyrically Talib Kweli." In almost every song Mav tries to include something positive but he also likes making fun-dance music too. “The Idea behind my music is that I embrace the hood but I’m making it cool to go to school for black kids…for any kid. Its where the hood meets college life.”
Support "SPIRIT KILLERS" !!!


You can check out Mav at any of these links below:!/TheOfficialMav

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Continuing our appreciation and admiration for aspiring and signed talent,has lead us to this post on an artist by the name of King Kun. He hit us up with links and music, we checked it out, and we are definitely feeling this cats music. In this weeks artist spotlight you will find out just who King Kun is, and as with all of our Artist Spotlight blogs, we have provided all of his contact info so you can see for youselves 1st hand about King Kun and his From The Ground Up Movement !!!

King Kun, born Dejuan Davis to a single mother "Laverne Davis," grew up in 1 of Atlanta's most notorious neighborhoods called "The Bluff" located in Vine City on Atlanta's westside. This neighborhood is known for it's drugs, prostitution, and crime. Growing up in that enviroment, you would either end up dead, or in prison. KING decided to follow his passion. Being born into a musical family, naturally gave him his love for music, which he calls" his love affair." Ever since he was 12 years old, he followed the footsteps of his musical uncle (aspiring pianist), another who plays the guitar, and a close family friend who plays the saxophone. When Kun bought his first drum machine, he began producing music for a group he formed called "THE HAVEKNOTZ". Kun and the HaveKnotz performed in MC battles and Showcases all around Atlanta. Known as a triple threat in the industry as a Producer, Songwriter, and Artist. Kun often compares himself to being a classical composer of Hip Hop Music. A unique person that makes unique music. Today King Kun is recognized as one of Atlanta's hottest Artist and Super Producers, most important a True Lyricist. King Kun is going to be the name of the nation sooner than you think. Kun uses a famous quote by "James Dean" which inspires him every day. "Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today." He lives by that quote to keep accomplishing his Dreams. Everything Kun has been through; he's kept fighting no matter what. King Kun is who he is today, because of his strong belief in GOD, and the passion for his love, which is music. The only thing Kun has to say is "Watch me keep climbing, and I'll see you at the top..... Or From It!!!"

Support !! Here's how you can get in contact with King Kun:

The Vid to King Kun's single "Made Up My Mind"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artist Spotlight: FATIGUE

Ok, here at BlvdAve we're all about showing love to up and coming unsigned talent. One of our own, and founders of Noemi Media group ( Tazo C) is one himself !!! So Enter our special edition ARTIST SPOTLIGHT of ATL artist FATIGUE. He hit us up awhile ago but things have been so busy for us over here at BlvdAve & Noemi Media Group as a whole that we havent had a chance to show him some love. Well Fatigue, you time on the AVE has come !!! Check this young brother out, he's got some talent. Below you will find a download to his single "Life Like a Party" and links to his twitter,facebook, and myspace. Thanks for submitting your stuff to BLVDAVE FATIGUE ! We wish you much success on your musical Journey and see you at the top !!!


They say never judge a book by its cover, but for a Young Mississippi boy, Marcus Ohuonu cover was the only shield of sanity he had while creating feel good music to eliminate memories of a painful past. Born on June 15, the self proclaimed MC started his musical journey during a time when he lost his mother, his grandmother, an aunt and a cousin all to untimely deaths. “What don’t kill you definitely makes you stronger”, said FATIGUE as he talked about his journey to the industry.” I remember breaking peas while listening to blues with my grandmother,” said the rapper, “At that point I knew music would play a pivotal role in my future”. In 1997 he formed the dynamic duo Toy Soldiers alongside a childhood friend where the name FATIGUE was born. With little foundation to stand, the group submerged, and FATIGUE found himself on a college campus composing a 23 song mix-tape entitled, "Brake Yo Self”. As a result of FATIGUE'S local success, he knew it was time for a major change, one that meant uprooting to a bigger city with better opportunities. In a 1989 abandoned white Jeep Cherokee, FATIGUE packed all of his belongings, and moved to Atlanta where he currently resides with a passionate drive, finally living his dream and looking back on everything that happened with a Smile. --Talk About Perseverance!

Check Fatigue out at the following links:

"LIike a G6" Rockmix - DOWNLOAD

"Life Like a Party" - DOWNLOAD

Here's the vid to Like a G6 Rockmix as well :


Friday, March 11, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Who is Skylar Grey ???

Hip Hop's newest hook girl is gearing up for a solo career.

Skylar Grey has signed to Interscope Records and producer Alex Da Kid's Wonderland Music, reports

The singer, who has been featured on songs such as Dr. Dre's "I Need a Doctor," featuring Eminem, Lupe Fiasco's "Words I Never Said," and the original version of Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie," is due to release a lead single this spring, with an album to follow this year.

Grey has made two high-profile appearances on stage so far this year, the first of which was for a live rendition of "I Need a Doctor" at last month's Grammy Awards. Yesterday (March 10), she performed the song she co-wrote for Diddy-Dirty Money, "Coming Home," on "American Idol."

“Getting to perform on television with Eminem and Dr. Dre still doesn’t feel real to me and now to perform with Diddy-Dirty Money in the course of a month is unreal,” said Skylar. “I’m really excited about the opportunity to perform on ‘Idol.’ It’s incredible to have all of this leading into my album coming this year—I am so fortunate.”

Alex Da Kid will be producing the album. Here's a couple of songs you may have heard, scratch that, Im SURE you all have heard featuring Skylar Grey:

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All: The Future of HIP-HOP ???

Ok, so after my first time hearing & seeing these cats I was like "whoa"... Not as if I was blown away by their immense talent, but moreso shocked at the crazy shit they were doing in their videos. Shout out to the homie Chaise (@ChaiseMarcel ) by the way, he's the first person I ever heard of Odd Future from. But back to the story being told lol. Although not my personal cup of tea, I kept an ear to the streets to see if Odd Future would go on to make waves in the world of Hip-Hop. Sure enough, they are doing just that ! So here at blvdave, we wanna give u guys a look at some stuff they've done so far and posted videos that are taking youtube video by storm. MTV also did an interview with Odd Future. These guys are doing their thing, and we're doing our part to put the world up on something new. so without further ado, here's a look at Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Miguel

Ok so here on BLVDAVE we would like to introduce you to our new feature we gonna do called "Artist Spotlight" . The 1st artist to appear in our spotlight is MIGUEL. It doesn’t happen often, But every once in a while a young artist comes along who has the chops, vision, range and creative conviction to change the game. Miguel is among that chosen few.
Let’s start with his voice: The Los Angeles, California, native has one of those raw honey falsettos that oozes into your soul and stays there, even after the music stops. Billboard Magazine exclaims, Miguel, 24, “offers both the sweetness of Babyface and the passion of R. Kelly.”
Then there’s Miguel’s pen game. This Scorpio doesn’t just write lyrics. He paints aural portraits—of his loves, his heartbreaks and his kinky little fantasies. “To me, the best songs are the ones that show how vulnerable, how human we all are,” says Miguel. Penning Asher Roth’s “His Dream,” Mary J. Blige and Musiq’s “If U Leave,” and co-writing on Usher’s Raymond V Raymond album, Miguel says, “For me, writing is like making steak and potatoes into a Happy Meal—how do I work in that substance but keep you coming back for more?” That being said, you guys be the judge. Below is a video for Miguel's latest single "Sure Thing" and a performance of his on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" singing "All I want is you" . Enjoy !!

here's a link to where you can buy Miguel's Debut album


Follow him on twitter:

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