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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artist Spotlight: FATIGUE

Ok, here at BlvdAve we're all about showing love to up and coming unsigned talent. One of our own, and founders of Noemi Media group ( Tazo C) is one himself !!! So Enter our special edition ARTIST SPOTLIGHT of ATL artist FATIGUE. He hit us up awhile ago but things have been so busy for us over here at BlvdAve & Noemi Media Group as a whole that we havent had a chance to show him some love. Well Fatigue, you time on the AVE has come !!! Check this young brother out, he's got some talent. Below you will find a download to his single "Life Like a Party" and links to his twitter,facebook, and myspace. Thanks for submitting your stuff to BLVDAVE FATIGUE ! We wish you much success on your musical Journey and see you at the top !!!


They say never judge a book by its cover, but for a Young Mississippi boy, Marcus Ohuonu cover was the only shield of sanity he had while creating feel good music to eliminate memories of a painful past. Born on June 15, the self proclaimed MC started his musical journey during a time when he lost his mother, his grandmother, an aunt and a cousin all to untimely deaths. “What don’t kill you definitely makes you stronger”, said FATIGUE as he talked about his journey to the industry.” I remember breaking peas while listening to blues with my grandmother,” said the rapper, “At that point I knew music would play a pivotal role in my future”. In 1997 he formed the dynamic duo Toy Soldiers alongside a childhood friend where the name FATIGUE was born. With little foundation to stand, the group submerged, and FATIGUE found himself on a college campus composing a 23 song mix-tape entitled, "Brake Yo Self”. As a result of FATIGUE'S local success, he knew it was time for a major change, one that meant uprooting to a bigger city with better opportunities. In a 1989 abandoned white Jeep Cherokee, FATIGUE packed all of his belongings, and moved to Atlanta where he currently resides with a passionate drive, finally living his dream and looking back on everything that happened with a Smile. --Talk About Perseverance!

Check Fatigue out at the following links:

"LIike a G6" Rockmix - DOWNLOAD

"Life Like a Party" - DOWNLOAD

Here's the vid to Like a G6 Rockmix as well :


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