Thursday, February 01, 2018

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Professor MIC, Anika K, and Kenyadda

Alright ladies and gents, welcome to the latest edition of the SHOW AND PROVE 2018 BLVDAVE FEATURE ! This is Week four of the feature which makes this now a month old ! We have the homie from Chicago Professor MIC, singer Anika K, and Kenyadda, who also hails from the city of wind, Chicago ! Check out the playlist HERE, that now has 16 tracks !I even added one of my old songs on there for nostalgia purposes lol. Its growing weekly and I am now thinking about doing a BlvdAve "Show and Prove" Mixtape. Below you will find the artist individual links to their soundcloud profiles, instagram, and other contact information. Thank you all who have been checking out these artist's music, it is definitely appreciated. We'll see yall next week !
 ARTIST # 1:
Anika K

BIO: Before she began her singing career, Anika was a political journalist who spent her time between Berlin and Bristol, England. She happened to meet producer Geoff Barrow, who was looking for a female vocalist to work with his band Beak>, and the pair discovered they had lots of musical common ground: punk, dub, and '60s girl groups. Anika joined the band in the studio and they recorded nine songs, including a cover of Yoko Ono's "Yang Yang," in 12 days with no overdubs. The result, First Lady of Invada, was released by Barrow's Invada imprint in Europe and by Stones Throw in the U.S. and Japan in October 2010. The Anika EP, which featured dub versions of several songs from her debut album as well as covers of songs by the Crystals and Shocking Blue, arrived in April 2013. ~ Heather Phares  
Twitter: @anikaaaamusic        
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "Questions"
BIO: Songwriter, rapper, producer and singer Kenyadda formerly known as Kenn J gained notoriety from his 2015 mixtape "Know Ur Worth". After spending 12 years of his life in Chicago he moved to the suburbs where he met Scotty Roze and together, they started the independent label IV$E. He is influenced by artists such as Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Jay-z, Kanye West, Nelly, Lauryn Hill, and The Temptations. He is known for his soulful music, witty wordplay, and sarcasm. Kenyadda's flow has been described as "a breathe of fresh air with vintage feel" while managing to still make catchy up to date melodies. While honing the title as "Hip Hops Savior" he released his sophomore mixtape titled "Homage" in October 2017 , in which he takes classic hiphop records and approaches them as if they're his own. The release of Homage shows that Kenyadda is here to make his mark in the music industry showing creativity, versatility and longevity.
Twitter: @Kennj4sho     
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "Different"

Professor MIC

Artist | Producer | Audio Engineer | Designer | Creative Director /CHOPGOD/ co owner of BullzWin Studios LLC
Twitter: @ProfessorMic       
Submitted Song for Show and Prove 2018: "FAITH"

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