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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Podcast on the AVE: BlvdAve Radio EP. 3: 'Wyoming Vibes'

Welcome everybody to BlvdAve Radio ! On Episode 3 the BlvdAve Guys get together and chop it up on the NBA finals, G.O.A.T talk, Phil hits us with a review of Kanye West's latest album, and tries to convince Old man Logan and B. Daniels why they should get the project a listen. The cancelling of 'Roseanne' by ABC despite the show bringing in huge viewership numbers amid the controversial tweets by the show's star, and Jaime Foxx being cast officially as Al Simmons aka SPAWN to cover our television and movie talk. Lastly to wrap the episode up was a question posed by Old Man Logan to his cohost, asking if in "Trump's America," are people more comfortable in revealing their "true" selves when it comes to things such as politics, religious beliefs, and other things traditionally where people usually are reserve and keeping those kind of things to themselves where as now it seems like everyone kinda has their "stripes" on full display at all times... Don't forget to listen to the BlvdAve Sports recap done by @saul.r26 where he goes more into the specifics than we do when we talk about sports on the show...

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