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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Stephen A. Smith Talks TV Debates and Keeping Athletes Off Weed | GGN News

From the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer to the sidelines of the NBA Finals and his own daily debate show on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith has been an integral voice in sports journalism for the better part of three decades. And in the world of clickbait headlines and flash-in-the-pan social media stories, Smith is a living legend when it comes to the old school skill of finding the scoop and making sources out of the world’s best athletes. So no matter how many unnamed commenters pop up on your Twitter feed about King James’ next destination, make sure you don’t forget about Stephen A.’s credentials and feel free to turn on ESPN if you ever forget.

On the latest episode of GGN, Smith chopped it up with Uncle Snoop in the studio and told stories about climbing from New York City to the top of the sports media food chain, bringing Snoop on his early shows and, of course, the reasoning behind his famously anti-cannabis tagline, “stay off the weeeed” (“I got family members that do it, I got friends that do it, but it’s not about the weed, it’s about the fact that it’s costing you money!”)

So grab your popcorn, fire up your favorite strain, and take a seat alongside the Doggfather for a conversation with one sports’ hardest-working journalists. And for more Stephen A. Smith, tune in to ESPN every weekday morning at 10am for First Take.

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