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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Podcast on the AVE: BlvdAve Radio EP. 14 "The Queen & I"

Welcome to episode 14 of BlvdAve Radio ! We start this episode out paying homage to the late, great "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin, who passed from Pancreatic Cancer. From there, its some Nicki Minaj talk, Lil Pump loosing the hardrive that had his "Harvard Dropout" Mixtape on it, and Young Thug's "Slime Language" project. We also talk about Kobe Bryant's investment game being as Nice as 50 Cent's with Vitamin Water, and we ask the question, Is the trailer for "The NUN" really that scary??? As always check out BlvdAve Radio every Tuesday at 7PM on Logik Radio ( followed by the podcast platforms release every weds. Follow BlvdAve_Radio on IG, as well as on twitter . Check out the blog, and for guest inquiries or if you want BlvdAve Radio to promote your product, email us ! This Episode is brought to you by Lay Low Apparel! Need some new gear ? Check out their website, , and make sure you use the code "blvdave" to received 10% off of your purchase. Also check out for all of your backpack needs, and you can also received 10% off there with the code "blvdave." Last but not least, Vape users hit the link to received 25% off your first VitaminVape purchase ! Also, now you can make delicious meals with Blue Apron with our help! Click the link below to received some money off of your first order !
Last but certainly not least, check out the trailer for the debut episode of BlvdAve TV !!

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