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Monday, January 09, 2012

stfuMikeP on the AVE: Strapped: The Nike SB Dunk Mid Strap Returns!

Oh what a glorious day!

Mike P here for yet another Nike SB update.

If you know me, my favorite SB Dunk model has, and always will be, the strapped Mid.  The first SB Dunk I ever bought was a Mid with the strap.  The strap on the Mid is what separates it from looking like a dwarfed version of the Dunk Hi and gives it that extra boost of character and uniqueness.

Like many, I was extremely disappointed when Nike SB decided to temporarily do away with the strap on the Mid.  It was said that they scrapped the strap to lower production cost.  Well, as it seems, the Mid sales must have been shit without the strap because this so-called strapless mid didn't make it very long.  Lasting around a year, the Nike SB Dunk Mid has returned to their roots with their first look at the newest "strapped" model.  Take a look:

If you take a closer look at the enlarged version of this shot, you really get to see the detail that is going into this shoe.  As being dubbed on the N-SB forums as the "Blue Lobster" Mid, this is one beautiful pair of kicks.  The buttery-soft suede sits on the toebox, midpanel, and heel, while some kind of detailed leather takes over the swoosh, strap, around the toebox, up the eyelits, and down the back strap.  The midsole comes in at a nice dark blue sitting on top of the light blue outsole (extremely resembling the Blue Lobsters).

I think it is safe to say that the return of the strap on the Nike SB Dunk Mid is going to be welcomed with open arms, especially with this bomb colorway.

(catch my drift?)

No official release date set yet for these, however, they are part of the Fall 2012 line, so expect Belmont Army and Uprise to be getting these in fall!

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