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Monday, September 24, 2012

Taster'Z Choice: Reloaded

Whats Good world, just giving you all an update on our Upstart shirt brand, Taster'Z Choice. First and foremost, I wanna say thank you to all who have supported this idea and have checked out our site thus far. It truly me means alot to me. I am humbled and grateful 1000 times!!!! Now that that's been said, lets get to business shall we ?? lol. Since the last post a month ago (Read it HERE) we've made some progress in getting our designs made at a much faster pace than before. Since we're a start-up, instead of getting mass quantities of each shirt design made, we focus on getting the sample shirts done and the clothing for us to wear only. Therefore everything is made to order and gives us a easier process to get things done. I must say I am excited about the process of seeing things transition from a sketch, to a digital image, and finally the finished product. Below you'll see some of our latest creations by Taster'Z Choice Designer Maurice "Big Reese" Barnes (follow him on twitter ). Get use to us ladies and gents, we may have just emerged, but we plan on getting bigger, better, and being here awhile. Big Shoutout to Mike P (follow him on twitter ) for helping us out in this whole process and bringing these creations to life. See you guys in a couple weeks when we debut some more new pieces. In the meanwhile, check out our Taster'Z Choice site and this post Mike P did on Taster'Z Choice awhile ago

-ZO (BlvdAve E.I.C and Taster'Z Choice co-founder)

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Loud PAC

Loud PAC: Ladies Edition

Chicago's Choice Heather/Navy

Chicago's Choice White/Royal






Saturday, August 11, 2012

Taster'Z Choice: New Pics + We Finally Got More Shirts on the WAY !!

It all STARTS with an IDEA !

Ok, so its been awhile since I've posted anything Taster'Z Choice related. Seeing how popular that one post is on BlvdAve where I showed some Fitted Caps & Sneaks that went with our Sun Beam Tee (CLICK HERE TO SEE) I figured it was time to do a new post to update everybody that cares what's going on with Taster'Z Choice. Well, things have been kinda, scratch that, things HAVE BEEN very SLOW but STEADY !! It's a process starting any business. Just cuz you think you can do something, doesnt necessarily mean you CAN. Now I'd like to think that I'm a pretty fashionable guy, or I at least know whats HOT and what's NOT. I'm no fashion icon like Alexander McQueen, but I know how to put together an outfit. Plus, with this urban boutique fashion, its not that hard anyway (I.E. base your shirt color scheme around a popular shoe release like the Space Jams or the Bordeaux Air Jordan Retro VII's for example). Sounds easy enough right ? Well its NOT ! lol. Even if you have a dope design and get the shirts made, that doesnt exactly mean you're shit is gonna sell ! So I'm likening this experience to the hit HBO show thats now cancelled, "How to Make It in America." Cuz things are really moving like that for Taster'Z Choice. We're (Noemi M.G.) in the first season tho, not the 2nd lol. So I say all that to say this, make sure you have a plan and that you're ready to promote your ass off !! Oh,  and make sure the designs is tight !!! Things have taken off slowly I'll admit. And I'm not gonna post all of my frustrations up either because there were other forces at work that have hindered the Progress of this upstart Clothing Venture. But in no way, shape or form am I ready to GIVE UP !!! I will admit tho that I put my foot in my mouth a couple times, saying new designs and colors of the Sun Beam tee were on the way when the truth is we're just now getting ready to make new color ways. But a real man can admit when he's wrong. But on a lighter note, I was able to sell a couple of shirts this past summer and I got alot of positive feedback about the design and look of the shirt as well. Below is a couple of pics of people who bought the shirt and had nothing but postive feedback to give us about it. Also pictured is myself (Tazo C @legendkillerzo on twitter) and Taster'Z Choice co-creator Big Reese @bigreese83 , you can also hit Noemi's company twitter via @NoemiMediaGroup) So take a look at the pics below, and I promise I'll have more info on whats to come in the near Future from Taster'Z Choice !!!

NMG founders & Taster'Z Choice owners Big Reese & ZO

Satisfied Customer
Big Reese & Recording artist Nikko Grey
New colors coming soon !

Young homie supporting the movement

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Taster'Z Choice design: Part of our 1st collection called "Royalty"

Ok so as part of our spring release for Taster'Z Choice, our 1st official collection for the t-shirt line is called "Royalty" . In this collection you're gonna find all of the designs to be inspired by a carefully selected group of Royal emblems that we felt best represent our brand. Here's our 1st designs from the "Royalty" collection. As you can tell from the 2nd pic it's still a work in progress. We'll have pictures of the final designs soon. what do yall think, Are you feeling our "Royalty" collection thus far ?? Hot or Not ??? Taster'Z Choice coming this spring !!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Here's a couple fitted caps & shoes you can grab to wear with our SunBeam shirt !

Yo Yo Yo HELLO WORLD !!! Good Morning to all who's checkin out the BLVDAVE blog !!! Last night we showed yall the 2nd design from Taster'Z Choice. Well today we decided to show yall a couple Fitted caps & sneakers that match well with the blue & orange colorway of this shirt. Ironically, all the sneakers are made by our fave shoe brand, NIKE. Here's the 1st:
Nike Air Max Fly By Goes perfect because of its New York Knicks colors and has Stoudemire's signature logo embellished on the upper strap as an added bonus. You can find this one at your local House of Hoops retailer.

The Nike Zoom KD III, Although primarily black, the low top shoe has some orange and blue in its design and low in cost. Available at House of Hoops, Foot Locker, Niketown, and various other shoe retailers.

The Nike Air Force 1 low “Year of the Rabbit” . Although released on Jan 29th, quantities at retailers were suppose to be limited but in this kind of weather the demand for a low top air force one definitely isnt lol. Cop these, put em on ice, and pull 'em out in the spring or summer !

NOW FOR THE HATS !! ALL BY MITCHELL & NESS , and are available on

Interested in purchasing This Taster'Z Choice "Sun Beam" T-shirt ? or  Shoot us an email @ with your size and we'll get back to you with pricing info and what sizes we currently have available. New color ways and designs are coming soon !!!

Taster'Z Choice "SunBeam" Tee

Hello world !!! We're back with our 2nd post of the day . As stated earlier, we're continuing our efforts to spread the word on Taster'Z Choice, our latest venture in the ever growing Noemi Media Group ! This design is actually our 2nd, but is very popular thus far with everyone that has seen it ! Several different colorways are planned for this particular design, that was inspired by the Bandana worn in the original "Karate Kid" movie. These colors were chosen kinda random, but are definitely easily paired with a Denver Broncos, New York Mets, or New York Knicks fitted cap !!! Let us kno your thoughts on it, do you like it, dont like it ? Give us your thoughts !!!

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