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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot Hair Fashion Trends for Men by Lucy Faraday

Hot Hair Fashion Trends for Men

Every man worth his salt now uses male grooming products; a vast array of hair gels, wax, putty, shaving creams, moisturisers, balms, cleansers and the like are readily available from top-end brands to supermarket value. It’s even possible to get your own refillable ‘gift-style’ personalised product holders complete with glass engraving. ‘Natural’ beauty and grooming products have been the talk for the past couple of years, with sustainability, environmentally-friendly, carbon neutral and organic being the popular buzz words. Skin-care products have been the staple of a revival in male grooming over the past ten years, but for 2012, it’s no longer about the products, it’s about the style and specifically, hair styles.
Men’s hairstyles evolve slowly and come in and out of fashion, unlike women’s which come and go with the seasons. The basis of 2012 men hair fashion is an evolution of at least 100 years of hair style fashions, all with their own unique twists. Some have merely evolved, some styles have split into multiple new ones, but all stem from this theme of evolution. This means that get the right style for you and it can last you a long time – making it worth doing your research and putting some effort in to making your choice.

Celebrity Style

David Beckham is sporting the ‘slicked back undercut’ which is a key style for 2012. Suiting hair that is either already straight or can be straightened, this style is heavily influenced by the styles of the 20th Century. A large amount of heavy duty hair product is a must for this style.

The male quiff has really regained its popularity and power for the first time since it had overtones of rock with Elvis Presley, James Dean and Johnny Cash. 2012 however sees a softer style, with a wave and clear definition. Now worn by Robert Pattinson and Bruno Mars, this hairstyle is diverse and top-class, regularly seen on Louis Vuitton’s catwalks this year. This suits straight and wavy hair, but not those with tight curls. It requires some work, and definitely isn’t for those who may be thinning up top, but for men prepared to put in the effort, the attitude and confidence will turn all sorts of heads… 
The Brit-rock style that has proved popular recently has stuck around with the popularity of indie-music and bands still on the rise. Essentially the only rule is to sweep all the hair forwards. It is relatively suited to every hair type as whether it is short or long, wavy, curly or straight, it can all be worked in to the relaxed attitude that suits this Brit-rock indie style. Particularly popular because it is a low maintenance and only requires a small amount of product.

For an altogether more sleek and smooth style, try the side-parting. The current ultimate for sex appeal, keep a small wave at the front by combing up and back towards the sides. This style was first seen around the 1940’s with the aim of keeping hair neat and tidy whilst putting a hat on and off several times a day. It was made fashionable by the likes of Humphrey Bogart, and the sleek look had seen a fashionable revival with George Clooney, and Don Draper!

Parting Shot

The final on trend hairstyle for 2012 is the crop. The crop originated in the early 1900’s as the most suitable style for young men going to war. Military service still requires the ‘short crop’, but for every day use, the ‘peaked side crop’ is the height of fashion. Suited particularly well to men with strong facial features, it can be seen on Chad Michael Murray and Joshua Hutchison. There are so many variations, but keep the sides short, the top a bit longer and use a little thickening product and blow dry up and to one side. Then use a little more definition creating product to really define the hair at the front, pulling it up and to the side you have chosen.

Whatever hairstyle you decide is for you, remember to allow it to evolve to suit your personality. Nearly three-quarters of girls say that hair is the first thing they notice about a guy and more than one third would be put off completely if they didn’t like what they saw. Surely there isn’t a better reason to take the 2012 hair style fashion revival by storm?

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