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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

*Shameless Plug Lol* New video: Tazo C - "Shades" Remix

Yo ! This is Tazo C, Founder and CEO of Noemi Media Group LLC. Now Im not gonna post my stuff up all the time and pull a Benzino on this blog. My focus is to continue to deliver you guys the latest and greatest news on music, movies, sneakers and fashion. Today is an exception tho lol. Just made a video to what was the last remix I did off my debut mixtape, "The Chicago Massacre" and I wanted to put this out there. I want the publics opinion.Check it out, and let me know ! This remix has one of my most complemented verses on it and I wanna see what yall have to say about it.


Thanks for your time,



Wednesday, February 02, 2011

*Shameless plug* The Chicago Massacre" Download it now !!!

Ok yall, its no secret that one of the founders of Noemi Media Group (Tazo C) is an aspiring artist from Chicago. So in the vein of Benzino during his stint at The SOURCE, ZO wanted to post his mixtape ! lol. Luckily, "The Chicago Massacre" is actually good ! Released in august of last year, "The Chicago Massacre" garnered acclaim from everyone who listened or downloaded it, and even received 4/5 stars on Catch your attention yet ??? You be the judge !!! Try either of these links to download & determine your own thoughts on Tazo C's 1st Mixtape:

Remember feedback is always welcome here at blvdave !!! we wanna hear your thoughts so definitely send comments !!!
you can also catch Tazo C on twitter @Legendkillerzo and his youtube channel

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