Monday, April 23, 2018


PACIFIC RIM UPRISING MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted - The Double Toasted podcast review a new sci fi film in 2018 called Pacific Rim Uprising. This action film follows on from the original Pacific Rim film that starred Idris Elba, with a younger cast, starring John Boyeg and Charlie Day . In this video we look at the trailer just to give you a feel for the film before we get into it. The film, which tries to take anime to live-action in a lot of ways, is basically about robots fighting monsters. A robot movie and monster movie all in one. What could go wrong? Well check out our movie review of the film while using some of our trademark toasty goodness humour. Who knows, maybe a giant monster will come crashing into the studio and eat Korey and crew. What would we do then? Build giant robots of course just like Pacific Rim Uprising.

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