Friday, October 09, 2020

Podcast on the AVE: Episode 69 of BlvdAve Radio: "Iron"


Welcome to episode 69 of BlvdAve Radio!!! No we dont get nasty and lewd on this ep, get your mind out the gutter peeps! lol Instead we give you more of what youve come to expect when you tune into an episode of BlvdAve Radio! That being said, we have the return of sports talks, some movie and tv news, sneaker releases and a new Question of The Week! Kick back, relax and hit that play button right now!!! Be sure to hit that follow on any of the following streaming platforms itunes, spotify, googleplay, stitcher podcasts, pandora, iheart radio and to always be in the know about new content being released and subscribe to our youtube channel, NMG Tv! Listen to all of the other podcasts under the NMG Network (The Late Nights with Sexy and Savage Pod, Y.A.L.L. Podcast, Hot Take Wrestling Podcast, and Woman 2 Woman) and show your support!

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