Friday, October 09, 2020

Podcast on the AVE: Blvdave Radio Ep.72 "King's Disease" feat Rallo Jenkins of The Shovanist Pigs Podcast


Welcome ladies and gents to a special friday episode of BlvdAve Radio! On this ep, we got Rallo Jenkins of the Shovanist Pigs Podcast getting his co-host on with Old Man Logan and King B. They Talk about the great album Nas and Hit-Boy delivered to us, got some sports talk in, and talk in depth about the unveilings that took place at DC fandome that'll hit television, movies, and gaming! Hit that play button right now!!! Be sure to hit that follow on any of the following streaming platforms itunes, spotify, googleplay, stitcher podcasts, pandora, iheart radio and to always be in the know about new content being released and subscribe to our youtube channel, NMG Tv! Listen to all of the other podcasts under the NMG Network (The Late Nights with Sexy and Savage Pod, Y.A.L.L. Podcast, Hot Take Wrestling Podcast, Woman 2 Woman and Shovanist Pigs) and show your support! Follow BlvdAve Radio on Instagram - For Everything BlvdAve Related including discounts options we provide check out our page - The Shovanist Pigs Podcast "6 Piece with MILDSAUCE" playlist is coming soon so stay tuned!

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