Monday, March 09, 2020

Robert Pattinson Will Be The Most Accurate Batman Yet

Robert Pattinson Is The Batman All DC Fans Have Been Asking For
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Batman is a certified pop culture icon. Having been part of the cultural zeitgeist since he debuted way back in 1939. Yea, 80 years ago. Dude looks pretty good for his age.

And over those 80 years, we’ve gotta a lot of different adaptations of the character. In tv shows, movies, books, all of that awesome goodness. And each one has been pretty awesome in it’s own right.

Ok, maybe not all of them...

Anyways, the thing though is, each one of these previous adaptations haven’t quite managed to be the definitive Batman, the one who most accurately represents what we have seen in 8 decades worth of comics.

That might be looking to change however, with The Batman coming to us in the not too distant future.

But how exactly is this film going to present us with the quintessential Batman? With the most accurate version of the character?

Well sit back, grab some of your favorite beverage, try to forget the horrors of Batman and Robin, and I’ll let ya know exactly how Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be the most accurate one Yet

Let’s get into it.

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