Wednesday, March 18, 2020

NWA's The Circle Squared | George South vs. Colby Corino | Freya vs. Dan...

The Circle Squared is back from the NWA with episode 2 & 3 featuring Colby Corino, George South, Freya The Slaya, and Dani Jordyn. #TheCircleSquared was created to give any talents on the open market a chance to compete on the #NWAPowerrr set and the National Wrestling Alliance.
In episode one, Luke and PJ Hawx fought the team lead by Nikita Koloff of Tyson Dean and Jeff Lewis Neal. As this first season moves forward, each talent is evaluated based on the audience reaction, the feedback of wrestlers, and the approval of the management of the National Wrestling Alliance.
The goal of each of these talents is to move on to an NWA Contract and a chance to be on NWA Powerrrr.

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