Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Hot Take Wrestling Podcast News: Powerrr | Episode 19 "Strictly Chaos" |

NWA Powerrr is back with a huge episode the week that the 2020 Crockett Cup goes on sale with main event of Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. On NWA Power, episode 19, Nick Aldis calls out Marty Scurll to give him a way out of the deal. What ensues is STRICTLY CHAOS! Watch what happens when the leader of Strictly Business collides with the leader of Villain Enterprises. Get your Crockett Cup tickets this week - https://www.nationalwrestlingalliance...
The main event of
#NWAPowerrr is Thunder Rosa defending against Melina for the NWA Women's World Championship. Melina, who has been guiding Thunder Rosa, has made it clear she now wants a shot at the title. This will explode on this episode of Powerrr

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