Sunday, October 06, 2019

The Hot Take Report: Hell in a Cell Recap

Tonight was the one time a year that the WWE Superstars go to Hell when the Hell in a Cell event took place in Sacramento, California.  Beck Lynch defended her Raw Women's Championship vs. Sasha Banks to start the night.  Banks took the advantage early on by blindsiding Lynch with a forearm shot, and throwing her into the cell before it came down to cover the ring.  However, Sasha took too much time gloating about her handy work and Lynch got back into the fight by returning the favor and throwing her challenger into the cell.  After a flurry of offense from Lynch, Banks was able to take control by hitting a diving double knees to Lynch bouncing her off a ladder and into the cage.

Banks introduced a steel chair into the match which has been her MO leading up to this match.  Lynch would eventually give Banks a taste of her own medicine as she hit her with steel chair shots.  Banks turned the tables on Lynch by slamming her arm into the cage and working it over to try and prevent her from applying her armbar submission.  Lynch was not to be outdone with the offensive innovation as she placed Banks on top of three kendo sticks and a chair and delivered a dropkick into the cage.  Banks put Lynch through a table that was brought into the ring and applied her Banks Statement submission with the use of a kendo stick to try and choke out Becky, but Lynch escaped. 

Banks went to desperate measures to try and put the champ away by throwing steel chairs into the ring, but as she went to the top rope, Lynch was able to catch her and suplex her on top of the chairs.  Lynch would apply the armbar submission for the tapout to retain the championship.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns sought revenge vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a tag team tornado match that resulted after weeks of viscous attacks from the former tag champs.  Bryan and Reigns took the fight to Harper and Rowan, but they gained control when the fight spilled outside.  Harper threw Bryan into the barricade and Rowan hit a dropkick on Reigns.  Harper and Rowan double teamed Reigns and laid him out by using the steel stairs as a weapon.  Bryan tried to get back into the fight with no avail as Harper and Rowan tossed him around.  Rowan tried to finish Reigns off by ripping the barricade apart and hitting him with it. 

Harper and Rowan tore apart the commentator tables and attempted to put Bryan through a table, but Bryan countered with a hurricanrana to Harper and Reigns speared Rowan through a table.  Bryan and Harper took the action back into the ring and Bryan was powerbombed from the top rope.  Harper tossed Bryan around with repeated dragon suplexes until Bryan landed on his feet during one of Harper's attempts, and Reigns landed a Superman punch to Harper.  Bryan hit the running knee followed by a spear from Reigns and the three count.

Ali vs. Randy Orton took place after a confrontation on tonight's preshow.  Orton and Ali countered armbars to start the match before Orton backed him into the corner for a knife edge chop to the chest.  Orton showed why he is a 13 time World Champion when he repeatedly slammed Ali on the commentators table.  Orton continued to work over Ali by throwing him into the ring post, but Ali countered Orton's offense when he tried to send the action outside again with a kick to the face.  Ali hit a rolling facebuster and a springboard tornado DDT, but it was not enough to put Orton away.  Orton dodged a 450 splash attempt, hit a powerslam and a DDT of his own, but his RKO attempt was countered when Ali did a handstand to escape and rolled him up with a crucifix for a two count.  Ali went for another rolling facebuster, but Orton countered with an RKO for the three count.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defended The Women's Tag Team Championships vs. Asuka and Kairi Sane in the next match.  Sane suckered Cross in to start the match with a handshake, but this led to an attack by the former NXT Women's Champion.  After surviving the initial beatdown from Asuka and Sane, Cross was able to make the tag to Bliss who came in like a ball of fire landing forearm shots and slaps until she got kicked in the head by Asuka.  Bliss was worked over by the challengers before she was able to get the hot tag to her partner.  Cross took over and looked to wrap things up after using her knees to counter Sane's elbow drop with a swinging neckbreaker to Sane until Asuka broke up the count.  Asuka dragged Sane to their corner for the tag, and as the action was going on outside with Bliss hitting a senton on Sane, Asuka spit green mist into Cross' eyes and hit a kick for the three count to crown new tag champs.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson battled Braun Strowman and The Viking Raiders in six man tag action.  Anderson, Gallows and Styles gained control after Erik looked to hit a suicide dive when the fight went outside, but Styles intercepted him with a kick to the head.  The OC isolated Erik and knocked Strowman off the apron to keep the 385 pounder from imposing his will.  This would not last long as Erik was eventually able to tag in Strowman who hit running shoulder blocks to all three members of The OC.  Styles dodged Strowman and he went shoulder first into the ring post and attacked the big man's leg with a dropkick and a calf crusher submission, but Erik hit a running knee to break the hold.  Anderson and Gallows were temporarily taken out of the match by The Viking Raiders, but made their way back into the ring to triple team Strowman  with Styles which led to a disqualification.  The fight continued after the bell rang with The Viking Raiders landed suicide dives on Anderson and Gallows, and Styles ate a knockout punch from Strowman.

The 2019 King of the Ring winner Baron Corbin continued his rivalry with Chad Gable.  Gable started the match by hitting Corbin with forearm shots to the head, but Corbin countered by slamming him into the mat.  Corbin used the size advantage to his favor by chokeslamming Gable on the ring apron.  Gable tried to get back into the match by tossing Corbin outside only to be hit with a clothesline when Corbin slid back into the ring.  Gable showed signs of a comeback by hitting Corbin with a rolling German suplex after being charged in the corner.  Gable attacked Corbin's leg by slamming it into the ring post and would apply an anklelock to Corbin, but could not put him away.  Corbin hit a Deep Six slam to Gable, but he could not put him away.  Corbin got frustrated and attempted to use his scepter as a weapon, but Gable rolled him up for the three count.

Charlotte Flair looked to become a 10 time Women's Champion when she challenged Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship.  Bayley took a page out of Charlotte's book by attacking her knee to get the upper hand.  Bayley slammed Charlotte's knee against the ring post and repeatedly slammed it against the LED board attached to the ring.  Bayley got overconfident and paid for it when she mocked Flair by trying to apply the figure four leglock, and was kicked into the corner.  Flair would work over Bayley's knee by slamming it into the ring post and doing a knee drop on her leg.  Flair would hit natural selection, but Bayley grabbed the ropes at the count of two.  Bayley would eventually counter Flair's boot the face attempt into a roll up, but she was caught with her feet on the ropes.  The wheels were spinning for Bayley, and she was put into the figure eight by Flair for the tap out and a new SmackDown Women's Champion was crowned.

Seth Rollins defended The Universal Championship vs. The Fiend Bray Wyatt in the main event.  Rollins showed no fear of The Fiend after weeks of sneak attacks to try and retain his title.  Wyatt dared Rollins to use a kendo stick which Rollins did, but it had no affect on him as Wyatt stood tall.  Wyatt beat Rollins down inside the cell until the champ countered by tossing him into the stairs.  Rollins took the fight back into the ring by landing springboard knees, but The Fiend would not go down.  Wyatt introduced a mallet into the match by using it to pin Rollins into the cage, but it would backfire on him when Rollins used a drop toehold and Wyatt landed face first on the mallet.

Rollins used everything in his arsenal to try and put Wyatt away with Curb Stomp after Curb Stomp, but he could only get a one count on the move that has put away so many of his opponents.  Rollins frog splashed Wyatt through a table only for a two count and Wyatt rose to his feet first.  Rollins would keep hitting Curb Stomps and went to a dark place by hitting Wyatt in the face with a chair, a ladder and a tool box.  After the ref pled implored Rollins not to use a sledgehammer, he ignored him and hit Wyatt while he was buried underneath the chair, ladder and tool box.  The ref called for the bell and Wyatt attacked Rollins as he stood over him by applying a claw to the champ. 

Wyatt continued the assault outside of the ring by slamming Rollins face first with Sister Abigail on the exposed concrete floor.  Wyatt left Rollins laying in a pool of blood as he applied the claw to Rollins throat to end tonight's pay-per-view.

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