Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Podcast on The AVE: The Chronicles of Old Man Logan MITB Predictions

So this past sunday was WWE's "Money In The Bank" PPV and I did a prediction Episode on Anchor for the first time and I got about 6 of the 10 matches correct! LOL I would love your thoughts people so let me know what you think and I will do my best going forward to do these on Anchor Fm!!! 
Welcome to The Chronicles of Old Man Logan! Your introduction to Old Man Logan was on The Shovanist Pigs Podcast, and from there he went on to launch BlvdAve Radio, now you’ll hear the NMG Enterprises head honcho all on his own! Listen as He gives you his perspectives unfiltered and uninterrupted! Nothing is off the table, wether it’s women or wrestling!
Follow Old Man Logan on Instagram- @Oldmanlogan83 
Twitter- @LegendkillerZO

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