Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BlvdAve Radio Episode 48: "Travvy a legend???"

Its a MARATHON not a RACE, so please MAKE IT COUNT!!! Welcome to another episode of BlvdAve Radio! On this ep, Old Man Logan, B. Daniels and Nikki B get into some topics that span the worlds of Music, Movies, Sports, and Politics. Some of those topics include Joe Biden possibly entering the 2020 presidential election race, Samsung's Galaxy Fold not living up to the hype, Nas and Mary J. Blige announcing the Royalty Tour on the 25th Anniversary of his debut album, "Illmatic," the lawsuit that's keeping us horror fans from seeing a new Friday the 13th Film, Russell Wilson's new contract, the NBA playoffs, and a hot take that originally took place in our group chat about Travis Scott possibly entering "legendary" status according to Gas Station P, leaving Nikki B to try and defend his and her statement on Young flame's place in the game. Old Man Logan simply refutes it as "P jumping out the window like he usually does" lmao. New episodes of BlvdAve Radio are released every Weds, Be sure to hit that follow on any of the following streaming platforms itunes, spotify, googleplay, stitcher podcasts and iheart radio to always be in the know about new content being released and subscribe to our youtube channel, BlvdAve Tv!

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