Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BlvdAve Radio Ep.45 "Jordan with the 4-5"

Its a MARATHON not a RACE, so please MAKE IT COUNT! Whats good world, welcome to another episode of BlvdAve Radio! This ep was recorded before the untimely passing of LA artist and rising star, Nipsey Hussle, so you wont here mention of it in this one. But dont trip, next episode we will definitely spread love to the fallen King, and pay our respects to an artist we loved and were inspired by.... However, what you do have to look forward to on ep. 45, is some good ol fashioned, long winded conversation from Old Man Logan, B. Daniels, and Nikki B. Vern was also in studio again, and also gave alot of long winded input lmao. So sit back and relax, as the good folks of BlvdAve finally break down our thoughts on "Us," Lil Uzi's battle with his current label, Devin Booker cookin out there on the court in Phoenix, Lil Nas X's controversy with his hit country single, Seth Rogan's Houseplant, the opening of a black museum in Minnesota, and the Chicago Run-off mayoral election that was taking place at the time of recording... New episodes of BlvdAve Radio are released every Weds, Be sure to hit that follow on any of the following streaming platforms itunes, spotify, googleplay, stitcher podcasts and iheart radio to always be in the know about new content being released and subscribe to our youtube channel, BlvdAve Tv!

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