Saturday, May 18, 2019

Blvdave Radio Ep. 50 "Shoot It!"

It's a MARATHON not a RACE, so please MAKE IT COUNT! Welcome to episode 50, yeah you read that right, Episode 50 of BlvdAve Radio! A milestone has been reached as alot of indy pods are started and cant reach 10 episodes let alone 50, so we gon talk our ish real quick! On this ep you get some convo from Old Man Logan, B. Daniels and Nikki Nik with Gas Station P going M.I.A due to daddy duties. Tune in as you get a sneak peek into what to expect on the Y.A.L.L. Pod coming soon from B. Daniels and Nikki B! New episodes of BlvdAve Radio are released every Weds, Be sure to hit that follow on any of the following streaming platforms itunes, spotify, googleplay, stitcher podcasts and iheart radio to always be in the know about new content being released and subscribe to our channel, BlvdAve TV!

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