Thursday, March 28, 2019

Blvdave TV PRESENTS: "BLACKNESS" w/ Goldshoes

Blvdave TV PRESENTS: "BLACKNESS" ! BlvdAve Radio's Old Man Logan, B. Daniels and Nikki B have a conversation with guest GoldShoes to talk about a couple topics that made for quite engaging conversation. Those topics were the following: 1) Whats your view on the appropriation of black culture, and how do you feel about people who aren't black using the n-word? 2) Can you be pro black and be involved with someone who is not black? We asked these questions on our social media pages (@blvdave_radio on Instagram and Twitter) as well and had quite a bit of feedback from our listeners and viewers. If you want to comment on these topics after viewing this BlvdAve Tv special, give us a call on our BlvdAve Radio line, 1-872-307-3828, share your thoughts, and keep an eye out for these type of specials because we have more conversations and topics coming your way just like these!!

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