Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Chronicles of Old Man Logan: Vlog Post #4

Thank you all for tuning into another episode of "The Chronicles of Old Man Logan!" On this fourth instalment of TCOML I give you my take on what it is to have New Year's resolutions and actually keep them, why I adopted the phrases "Make It Count" and "Marathon Not a Race," and lastly I speak briefly on the Lifetime Network Docuseries "Surviving R.Kelly" that has set the world of entertainment on fire since it's release. As stated in the vlog, I want yall to check out my blog, , the webpage for my company NMG Enterprises LLC., , Taster'Z Choice Brand, , and for all of the streaming platforms that BlvdAve Radio appears on hit this link right here, and make sure you subscribe ! Last but not least if you wanna check out my posts on social media, hit the follow on my IG and twitter Thanks for checking in, make sure you subscribe to BlvdAve Tv here on Youtube too !!! #ThankYou Hit the line with either a voicemail or text with any questions, comments, concerns or whatever you may have and want our 2 cents on it, 1-872-307-3828 !

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