Thursday, October 11, 2018

Podcast on the AVE: BlvdAve Radio Ep. 21 "Mental Health is Wealth"

Welcome to BlvdAve Radio Episode 21 ! The podcast officially is grown with this ep lol, and despite having to record it twice (yeah you read that right, we were still able to churn out some good energy and speak our piece of a bevy of topics ! In movies, we talked about if this could be the last time we see actor Chris Evans dawn the Red, White, and Blue as Captain America in the upcoming Avengers 4 sequel, Kanye West and the dismal reception and applause he received during a recent SNL appearance, TNT Analyst Erie Johnson having to sit out Baseball's post season this year, and Chance the Rapper recently donating a Million Dollars to Mental Health services here in Chicago. As always check out BlvdAve Radio every Tuesday at 7PM on Logik Radio ( followed by the podcast platforms release every weds. BlvdAve Radio can also be enjoyed by iHeart Radio listeners and Spotify listeners too !!! Hit the links below for your dose of them BlvdAve Boys and Spotify here…FSjahPPZy-VxARA/
Follow BlvdAve_Radio on IG, as well as on twitter . Check out the blog, and for guest inquiries or if you want BlvdAve Radio to promote your product, email us or hit our phone line 1-872-307-3828 ! This Episode is brought to you by Lay Low Apparel! Need some new gear? Check out their website, , and make sure you use the code "blvdave" to received 10% off of your purchase. Also check out for all of your backpack needs, and you can also received 10% off there with the code "blvdave." Vape users hit the link to received 25% off your first VitaminVape purchase ! Also, now you can make delicious meals with Blue Apron with our help! Click the link below to received some money off of your first order !
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Hit the line with either a voicemail or text with any questions, comments, concerns or whatever you may have and want our 2 cents on it, 1-872-307-3828 ! Last but certainly not least, on Behalf of everyone on BlvdAve Radio, I must say R.I.P to Kevin Marc Gray, one of the owners of Logik Radio. He, along with Elliot, welcomed my former show, Shovanist Pigs Podcast onto Logik, and later allowed me to add BlvdAve Radio to the platform as well. I just wanna say thank you, and you will be missed ! - Old Man Logan

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