Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Show and Prove 18: Featuring Audrey Valentine, Bre Stylez, Sierra A Flowers, A.c, Masun The Mutt, Anika and Darrin Jones Part 1

Alright ladies and gents, welcome to the latest edition of the SHOW AND PROVE 2018 BLVDAVE FEATURE ! This is the 2nd post of this feature for volume 2 ! My apologies for taking so long, since the last installment feature on the Blog though, the BlvdAve Radio Podcast has been launched and we rockin and rolling ! Look for the rollout of some interviews by all of the artist that have been featured on both playlists. Back to Volume 2 though, this update delivers with an appearance from Audrey Valentine , Bre Stylez, Sierra A Flowers, A.c, Masun The Mutt, and  Darrin Jones. Check out the playlist HERE, that now has 16 tracks! Below you will find the artist individual links to their soundcloud profiles, instagram, twitter, and other contact information that they have provided. Thank you all who have been checking out these artist's music, it is definitely appreciated. Last but not least, don't forget to check out the first 4 BLVDAVE RADIO Episodes,  We appear on Logik Radio every Tuesday at 7 PM, ! All of the artist that have been featured thus far I look forward to actually having call-in or in person interviews with those that are here in Chicago. Catch yall on the next update of the Show and Prove Feature !

Artist 1
Audrey Valentine 


Submitted song for Show and Prove 2018:
Artist 2
Bre Stylez



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