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NFL 2012-13: Week 2 Scores & Standings, Week 3 Schedule

NFL Week 2 2012-13 Season

Week 2 has packed up and left, leaving some fans feeling like papa was a rolling stone, and others like the Waltons. Upsets, sleepers and all, Week 2 did see a bit of controversy. The NFL and the referee union are still battling it out in an effort to reach a deal that would send them back onto the field. The replacement refs have come under much scrutiny in the early part of the season, with isolated incidents inciting ire from both fans and players.

In one particular incident prior to the Week 2 match-up between the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, Brian Stropolo. Stropolo, the assigned ref was pulled from the game pending investigation for his unbiased declaration of fandom for the Saints. Brian was reported to have posted on his Facebook accounts his upcoming game assignments (a specific violation of league policy for its officials) and pictures of the ref wearing paraphernalia establishing an unabashed bias for his favorite team. This incident is still under investigation by the league and Stropolo will not be allowed on any assignment until the review is finished.

So take a look at the week's results and standing and make sure you mark your calendars for some of next weeks highly anticipated games.

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Week 2 Scores 

NFC Standings

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles2-0

Washington Redskins1-1

Dallas Cowboys1-1

New York Giants1-1

NFC North
Chicago Bears1-1

Minnesota Vikings1-1

Green Bay Packers1-1

Detroit Lions1-1


NFC West
Arizona Cardinals2-0

San Francisco 49ers2-0

St. Louis Rams1-1

Seattle Seahawks1-1

AFC Standings

AFC East
New England Patriots1-1

New York Jets1-1

Miami Dolphins1-1

Buffalo Bills1-1

AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals1-1

Baltimore Ravens1-1

Pittsburgh Steelers1-1

Cleveland Browns0-2

AFC South
Houston Texans2-0

Indianapolis Colts1-1

Jacksonville Jaguars0-2

Tennessee Titans0-2


Week 3 Schedule & Times
Thu September 20 New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers 8:20 PM
Sun September 23 St. Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Kansas City Chiefs @ New Orleans Saints 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Cincinnati Bengals @ Washington Redskins 1:00 PM
Sun September 23 Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals 4:05 PM
Sun September 23 Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers 4:05 PM
Sun September 23 Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos 4:15 PM
Sun September 23 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders 4:15 PM
Sun September 23 New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens 8:20 PM
Mon September 24 Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks 8:30 PM

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