Friday, December 16, 2011

stfuMikeP on the AVE: Nike SB Fall 2012 Dunks Sneak Peek

What's up everybody? Mike P here. Good to have a new home here on Blvd Ave.

Gettin right into it, what I have for you all today comes straight from Dom DeLuca's twitter feed.  For those who don't know...and you really should, Dom runs Brooklyn Projects out in LA.  If you still don't know, maybe the recently released Nike SB "Reign in Blood" Dunks may give you a hint.  But I digress.

Dom has given us a peek into a few of the new Fall '12 SBs coming our way. While I will try to pay as little attention to the recent news about Nike SB absorbing Nike 6.0 and pushing out newer combined designs, there is a new style amongst these next couple shots.  Keep in mind, I will only be focusing on the Dunks only.

The first look we got was this Dunk (High?):
This all-plum dunk looks like it has some buttery suede on the toebox and sidepanels with some kind of printed leather up the eyelits and around the toebox. And to top it all off, GUMSOLE!

Up next:
A very simple, yet desirable colorway on this Dunk Low. The pebbled leather swoosh and heel tab are a nice pop to a seemingly all black leather/suede shoe.

Moving right along:
Remember the Brian Anderson Camo Highs? These could be a nice homage to the timeless dunks.  It looks like the camo print is done on canvas with suede filling in.

aaaaaaand my favorite of the bunch:
The "Futura II" Dunk Low.  Futura designed his first dunk back in 2003 and it still remains as one of the highest sought after shoes by collectors.  The Futura IIs, as they are already being dubbed, are using a similar colorway but with an amazing-looking quality suede almost everywhere.  The samples dropped on eBay and the NSB Marketplace around 2 weeks ago with a beautiful gumsole.  The released pictures don't seem to have the same outsole, but these will just have to do.  

That's my scoop.  Check back with me here on the AVE for more SBs and streetwear.

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