Thursday, August 11, 2011

Technology is Fashion

Technology is literally the fashion statement of the century! Don’t believe me? Have you ever walked into an “Apple Store” and observed the ambiance? Apple has this cool, futuristic, confidence that makes you feel silly for not buying anything! Apple’s “branding” strategy is un matched as it was reported that Apple net income is more than the entire United States! How is that for a deficit solution? And tell me what do you think of someone who has an iPAD over a regular tablet or someone who has an iPHONE 4 versus a regular old Android? I’ll tell you what you think, you think “hey he/she is really cool!”  The type of cellular phone you have, electronic or computing device is now a tool to compliment your “swag”!

I believe it begin in the early 2000’s when two way pagers where beginning to be seen as a status symbol.... 
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