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  Hello everyone and welcome to the first annual Chicago's Finest Awards (The Windy's) Preview Nominee blog.
"The Windy's" spotlight not only the athletes on field success, but their off the field contributions and efforts. Each category will be colorized periodically in blogs followed by a poll question you will see on the right rail following. Viewers vote's will weigh in on each category for the nominees. However, the "As I See It" (Viewer's Choice) Award will be solely attributed to the viewing vote. So without further ado, I present the:

2011 Chicago's Finest Awards "The Windy's" Preview

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Here are you categories and nominees.....


"Welcome To The Neighborhood Windy"

This award unlike the "Rookie of the Year" is given to the athlete who has come to Chicago either via trade or free agency. So these nominees are only new to the city, not their league!  

Julius Peppers - Chicago Bears - Defensive End

Julius Peppers
was picked up by the Bears last offseason in a blockbuster deal for the organization. Peppers was one the nastiest defensive tackles in the league playing for the Carolina Panthers. That dominance transferred over to the NFC North as Pep wreaked terror and havoc on quarterbacks all season. Ultimately taking three quarterbacks out of games and earning Defensive Player of the Year award in the process. Peppers also earned a Pro-Bowl invitation.  

Kyle Korver - Chicago Bulls - Shooting Guard

Kyle Korver
went from Jazzy to Saucy as he lit up the United Center as practically the only outsider shooter the team had last season. Picked up in free agency with teammates Ronnie Brewer and Carlos Boozer from the Utah Jazz, Korver did see light drop in stats. He went from a career high .536 to a .415 in 3pt-%. This could be an indication however on his increase in shots taken, as he launched 179 more 3's this year than he did in the year previous, hitting 61 more 3pt shots for the Bulls than he did the previous season for the Utah Jazz.  

Carlos Pena - Chicago Cubs - First Baseman

The season is still young in the Majors, but in the last month and a half Carlos has belted 13 HR's, and is batting above his previous .189 average he carried over from the Tampa Bay Rays. The Cubs are 11-9 in games when Pena has homered this season, and are 9-7 when he goes for multiple hits. Not glaring stats, but for the Cubs that above .500.

Phil Humber - Chicago White Sox - Starting Pitcher


Phil Humber
, much like Carlos Pena, hasn't had a entire season to case his talent. But his performance thus far lands him as the 4th nominee for the award that highlights the "transfers" contribution to a particular teams success. In Humber's case, the past two months he registers at 4-3 with a 2.95 ERA. Phil is 8-6 for the season thus far and leads the starting rotation in ERA (3.27) and wins (8). With the White Sox close to contention "As I See It," Sox fans at least are surely telling Mr. Humber: "Welcome to the neighborhood!"  

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