Monday, April 11, 2011

In Case you missed it:: LeBron James makes animated series from his popular commercials "The LeBrons"

NBA star LeBron James has a new cartoon called The LeBrons, which has made its debut on the world wide web a couple days ago, and is sponsored by HP and Intel, as Google points out. I also saw a Bing commercial in there.

“Born from a Nike campaign that was very popular on YouTube, The LeBrons features four versions of James: Kid, Athlete, Business and Wise,” explains YouTube sports manager Andrew Bangs. “The show is intended for young audiences but has references and scenes for basketball and music fans, too.”

So in case you missed it, BLVDAVE got you covered !!! Below you will find the first 2 episodes of "the LeBrons" , and a youtube compliation of scenes from the popular "LeBrons" commercials. Maybe this cartoon will bring LeBron back into his former "Glory days" before he took his talents to SOUTH BEACH !!! Enjoy !!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

and here's a great clip compliation of the actual "LeBrons" commercials from which the cartoon was based off of:

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  1. First time I hear about this so called '' The LeBrons ''. Although, I have read so many reviews on it. I think, I should watch it.


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