Monday, January 31, 2011

Taster'Z Choice Info & Pics Coming soon !!!

What exactly is Taster'z Choice ??? An idea Noemi Media Group Founders Tim "Tazo C" Collins & Maurice "Big Reese" Barnes came up with in 2010 after conversing about the growing desire to rock some clothing designs of their own. The two would talk about it everyday, what they would call it, and if they would try to sell their designs to the public as well. A name was needed first and foremost to start sketching ideas. Exquisite Taste came to mind, but that was already taken. That's when the name "Taster'Z Choice" was born !!! There are several designs in the works for this new venture birthed by the two best friends. Confident in their designs, they're posting some pics up this weekend to show their first two designs, right here on blvdave ! Official Launch for Taster'Z Choice this spring. Let's Get it !!!

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