Monday, June 14, 2010

Mission Statement


Mission Statement

The mission for BLVDAVE is simple: Provide the best quality; not quantity, information on the worlds of MUSIC, FASHION, AND ENTERTAINMENT. Our goal is to keep the ever growing public aware of the latest news and reviews on all of their favorite artist, entertainers, and athlete’s current endeavors, and also shine some light on upcoming talent hoping to one day reach their dreams of fame, fortune, and superstardom. BLVDAVE will do it’s best to make sure that all news is official and that “hearsay” is reported in the “rumors” column. Although a personal goal of this website is to reach a diverse crowd of individuals, we will focus our efforts in our initial launch to provide and give our thoughts on the genres each individual on our staff has known to grow and love; Hip-Hop and R & B. This will change as our company and our audience grows. As this occurs, we will be able to comfortably say we can provide news and reviews for every genre in popular culture. We will provide interviews where we ask questions that others are afraid to, and also the questions that our audience can find as insightful pieces of information, whether it is in fashion, music or movies. We here at are aiming at being the best possible website for not only the urban culture, but human culture. So stick around ladies and gentlemen, we plan on being here awhile, and we hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to leave any questions, comments or feedback; we would love to hear from you! PEACE, LOVE, AND RESPECT!


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