Monday, February 28, 2011

Controversy sells pt. 2 !! Keyshia Cole edition !!!

Ok so we here at blvdave dont mean to impose on anyone's private life and what they do in their spare time, but this is news we had to share with our extended fam !

So this past weekend, mediatakeout posted some nude pics, of whom were suppose to be none other than this generation's version of Mary J Blidge, Keyshia Cole.
Now we didnt believe it was her personally, because her face or recognizable tats couldnt be seen in this pic. Well our minds changed after seeing Keyshia's response on twitter !

Click here to see the nude pics, here's the alledge proof mediatakeout posted to show it was in FACT keyshia (the tat at the bottom of her stomach match that of the naked woman in the pics) , and here's her twitter response !!!

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