Sunday, December 15, 2019

Movies on the Ave: FROZEN 2 MOVIE REVIEW by Double Toasted

The good folks at  Double Toasted delivered their FROZEN 2 review awhile ago I didnt get a chance to post on here peeps. My apologies but I'm making sure to catch up the blvdave fam with everything I've missed in the past couple weeks. Without further ado, here's the Frozen 2 review!!!
- Old Man Logan

 In this funny movie review, we take a brief look at the Frozen 2 trailer before going in-depth into our Frozen 2 movie review. In the movie review, we discuss how Frozen 2 compares to the original Frozen, while also taking a look at the Frozen 2 clip or two. We also talk about how the Frozen 2 soundtrack compares to the original Frozen soundtrack. How do you think Disney faired in pulling of Frozen 2? Should it be on Disney+ instead of the cinema? 

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