Podcast on the AVE: The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 140 "On A Different Time"

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On this weeks episode, Joe, Rory, and Mal address how the internet got finessed by Keaton Jones and his family (19:42). Also, we know what “the streets” are saying, but is Big Sean’s new project really trash? The guys get into a heated debate over Sean’s new project (1:05:40). Plus the guys discuss if being nominated for an academy award still matter these days (1:24:00).
Other topics include:
-Joe thinks he has the scoop on something (41:30)
-Jeezy’s song with J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar (1:47:20)
-Sports segment (1:31:53)
Sleeper Picks of the Week:
SoulGroupUniverse “Brainstorm” | youtu.be/0taWa3RadNo
Mone Corleone “Rising” | youtu.be/BJ1n2_j-ap8
Jazmine Sullivan “Forever Don’t Last” | youtu.be/7caf6ouyPFo


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