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In case you missed it: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep. 8

Destiny vs Dynasty


Sports 1st on BlvdAve

 The basketball god's have spoken. They have demanded that Dirk Nowitzki come to the front as an NBA legend, and avenge his 06' loss to the Miami Heat in which Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal dominated and broke the will of the young Nowitzki and Co., coming from down 0-2 to a 4 game winning streak and claiming the Larry O'Brien.

Albeit that Miami Heat team looks a little bit different now..

The have also called to LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Pat Riley. Riley envisioned a trio playing around Dwayne Wade two years ago when the pair played in the Olympic Summer games. Realizing what it takes to win in the NBA, having multiple threats and constant pressure, Riley moved space and relied on Wade to resign on order to pull off perhaps on of the greatest acquisitions in modern sports history. This recent summer Co-GM of the Year winner Pat Riley managed to pull LeBron James away from Cleveland for less money, signed Chris Bosh for less money all while it was understood that Wade would ultimately sign for max money. Genuis.

The NBA brass also got a good consolation prize. Albeit the ultimate Finals perhaps would have been Los Angeles Lakers attempting to close out a 3-peat against the bitter rival Boston Celtics or even the newly built Miami-tron. But this creates even better storyline, with revenge, greed, loyalty, and desire all mix together for one of the world's most competitive showcases of professional talent. LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Mark Cuban, and you can even throw in "The Matrix" Shawn Marion and you got your self a star studded NBA Finals.

So the time has come. 1st to four will undoubtedly live in NBA immortality. Judgment time is near, and 12 players must be ready to ball out. But before tip let me break it down for you:

**1st and Blvd Ave NBA Finals Preview**

LeBron vs MJ vs Dallas 
No other player in NBA history has been chasing more ghosts than LeBron James, self-titled "Chosen One" aka "The King" aka "King James", LeBron immediately pinned himself in comparisons with Michael Jordan. He even had the audacity to don the sacred 23 coming out of high school. Bold. But LBJ was indeed a man-child, living up to the hype of talent James not only earned the Rookie of the Year award but has continued dominance in the NBA earning recent back-to-back MVP nods before being dethroned by Derrick Rose this past season.

In the recent weeks, Lebron has shown that he his amongst the best in the NBA, maybe even positioning himself at the legends table. Even Scottie Pippen, second fiddle on the Bulls dynasty teams from 1991-1999, spoke a bit outside of himself and claimed James just may be better than his "airness" when it comes to all around play.

I figured I would put that to bed for my Ave......

Dirk Nowitzki may have more to prove than LeBron James. Wringing to get back into the Finals, he not only gets an opportunity to prove that his legend extends beyond the regular season, he gets to do against the man and the team who stole that opportunity away 5 years ago.

Like anyone else in the NBA world, Dirk watched as LeBron James and Chris Bosh fled to Miami to join Dwayne Wade and form a potential superpower.  Forgetting that Dirk was actually allowed to speak with teams during last summer's free agent frenzy, none of the NBA's 29 other teams bothered to pick up the phone, figuring the impossibility maybe to pry Dirk away from owner Mark Cuban and the only city he's ever known in his American life.

That is no one outside of the 214 area code.

Cuban offered Dirk an $80 million contract for four years back in July and even then the two didn't think the possibility of a South Beach reunion in June was possible.

"I didn't think that it was gonna be in the first year right away that we'd be back in the Finals," Nowitzki said, recalling the night he told his emotional boss he'd be staying for four more years.

But it has nothing to do with who they are playing in Dirks' mind. It is the fact that they are playing again for the NBA Championship. Miami just makes it icing on the cake.

"I look at it this way: I would have played anybody in the Finals," Nowitzki insisted last week. "If you look at the last five years, how we struggled … it's been so hard to get back to that stage that I would have played anybody -- wherever -- at this point.

"So it happens to be Miami again, and we'll take it."

Foreshadowing....   Bosh still softer than suede. They look tipsy!

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New Mixtape Downloads for your listening pleasure !! pt. 1

Its a bunch of new mixtapes that were released over the weekend and being the blog that we are, we try to stay on top of the latest music out here for the people. Without further delay, check the mixtapes below, and click the link if any of them catch your interest !!! Props to Datpiff.com !!



Weekend Box Office Results May 27th-30th, 2011

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend !! Seems like as the summer draws nearer the box office weekend totals for opening movies are growing larger and larger ! The sequel to the very popular "Hangover" came in at # 1 with over a  $130 million (Abroad and domestically) with Kung Fu Panda 2, another anticipated sequel taking the #2 position raking in close to $70 Million over this holiday weekend. Who will win the box office next weekend ? Will the new X-MEN movie take Hangover pt.2's current throne ? or will the "Wolf-Pack" remain dominant this coming weekend as well ?? We shall see !!!
Weekend Box Office
May 27, 2011 - May 30, 2011
Warner Bros. Pictures
DreamWorks Animation
Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Universal Pictures
Paramount Pictures, Marvel Studios
Universal Pictures
Sony Pictures Classics
20th Century Fox
TriStar Pictures (Sony)
Warner Bros. Pictures
Screen Gems (Sony)
20th Century Fox

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Hot or Not ?!? The original adidas LA Trainer

A trio of colorways from its sequel hit retailers earlier this year, but what about the original adidas LA Trainer?  The shoe with the crazy pegged sole design (both mid- and out-) has been resurrected by adidas Originals and this tonal ‘white’ look with metallic silver and royal blue accents manages a perfect balance between retro and simple style

 So is this a case like many great films and books where the first one is always best?  Click through to see more and if you prefer the original, head over to Schuh-You to grab the adidas LA Trainer.

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Movies in theaters now !!

Sorry we didnt post this yesterday, but better late than never !!! Here's 3 of the Latest movies out in theaters you can check out now, with the exception of  "The Tree of Life" which was in limited release this weekend. Who will be #1 this week at the box office ? We'll find out Monday !!!

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Hot or Not ??? Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium ’08 LE

The tale of Nike Sportswear’s ‘True Colors’ Collection is a long and winding one that ends with you choosing your own ‘adventure’ from the ever expanding variety of models and colors.  It started all the way back in January, where the ‘CBF’ Air Max 90 bridged the gap between last year’s extensive ‘Nike Sportswear Six/True Colors’ super-collabo and a set of familiar models we came to know as the ‘White Pack’ thanks to their super-simple color schemes.  But then we saw the crinkled patent leather from the Dunk High of that set replicated on black and obsidian pairs, which is a good place to introduce this new Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium.  These new grey AF1s share that same uneven gloss and have us wondering how many more models might be on the way (and which colors?!).  Click through to see more angles and stick with Sneaker News for ongoing developments including the US release date.  via atmos
Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium ’08 LE

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New Kicks: Adidas Originals Hard Court Hi

adidas Originals has been pushing its retro-inspired footwear releases quite strongly, focusing on heritage-based models like the adidas Originals Hard Court Hi. Four new colorways are set to hit stores this month; it features a mid/high cut with an oversized tongue featuring the adidas tre-foil logo, a simple vulcanized midsole, and a netted texture on the ankle. While these can be considered Retro-inspired, it does capture a sleek appeal that mixes contemporary styling with adidas’ classic look. The colorways you see here are a lot moree attention-seeking than the adiColor Pack that dropped two months ago, so watch for these four releases exclusively at Champs this month, and let us know which of the four colorways you like best.

Coverwatch: Birdman on the cover of XXL Magazine

Birdman returns to the cover of XXL. Issue hits newsstands on June 7th. B’lee dat.
Here's a recent video of Birdman with his Cash Money/ Young Money artist Bow Wow & Lil Wayne:

Sports: Mike Brown new Lakers coach

Props to ESPN  for the video !!

Your Sports 1st on BlvdAve: Stairway to Seven

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In case you missed Dirk's greatness.....

A flower cannot grow on it's own. It takes a village to raise a child. There is no "I" in team. These quips not only define the strategies for simplicity in life, where help simplifies everything. It is the blueprint for success. In team sports, like no other, the teams that play together are the most successful. Even the seemingly omnipotent Michael Jordan had a supporting cast of Horace Grant, Scottie Pippen, and Steve Kerr who silently holds what 3-pt shooting record scraps Reggie Miller left over.

So why is it that it seems like it's Derrick Rose vs the Miami Heat?

Despite a 20-10 effort from Carlos Boozer, a very solid game from Luol Deng ( 20pts, 8rebs, 3stls, 2blks) the Chicago Bulls were dominated down the stretch physically and Derrick Rose couldn't find the lane like a drunk driver.

Rose hasn't fully trusted his teammates as they have trusted him all season, and with reason. Mainly because alot of the reason he even earned his MVP above his current nemesis LeBron James, was that he carried an otherwise shoddy offensive front to compete with the NBA's best. Ultimately rewarding the Bulls with the best record in the NBA.

With this new assignment comes adjustments. Alot of which required Rose to negate the open looks in order to establish aggressiveness and keep the defense on it's heels. But when the gaps get smaller and ultimately close, the learning curve opens wide up.

With LeBron James guarding Rose late in the 4th quarter, and seeming to do a damn good job at it. What does Rose do if there isn't a corner to turn? Kick it out to a defended wing? Simply put his head down and run into whatever brick wall may lay ahead and hope for the best? Or step back for a jumper that is probably doubtful coming off the finger tips?

Rose chose the latter with seconds remaining in the 4th quarter with the score tied 85-85. He stuttered, James stayed grounded. He jabbed, and James didn't budge. 6...5...4.. Rose stepped back for a 18ft jumper that missed left. Korver came up with the rebound but Chalmers picked his pocket to send it into overtime.

It was another opportunity at MVP time. Which Derrick is quickly finding out is earned still after the regular season is over. Despite his struggles, the Bulls still believe he's the guy to go to late.

"We wanted the last shot," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said Thursday of the final possession in regulation.  

"That's his shot. If he sees an opening where he can drive, then we want him to drive. But if he wants the pull-up, he's made that shot all year for us. If it goes in, we're all praising him. If it doesn't go in, everyone wants to criticize him.

LeBron had Shaq
But that's the life of a reigning MVP. Pressure is two fold more than ever before. But more to the point is that this is life of the NBA playoffs. Something a spurned LeBron James has had to learn the hard way throughout his career, after being dubbed "The Chosen One," and "King James," LeBron suffered having to carry not only the scoring load, but most of all the work while being the only star player on a competitive Cleveland Cavalier team.

“I can definitely relate,” James said of Rose recent struggles. “Having a coach of the year and being MVP and then having to go out against teams that have multiple guys that can break you down."

James makes the case for "The Decision" seem easy when you take into account what is happening with the Bulls lack of scoring contributions. A team that relies so heavily on team defense that it often forgets how to play team offense.

Anyone miss Ben Gordon yet?

The Stairway To Seven Begins Tonight.....

Tonight is a must win, not just because the Bulls will ultimately be eliminated if they lose Game 5 falling 4-1 to the Miami Heat. Tying the Heat 4-4 in the years series, a morbid result of being 4-0 then choosing to lose the 4 in the playoffs. The Bulls must win because they let an opportunity slip in both games 2 and 4, and the Bulls still have a chance to seize home-court advantage merely by winning Game 5 tonight.

Here's why...

The Bulls have won in the American Airlines Center. They have deflated the Heat at the American Airlines Center. The Heat Wave are still uncertain about their team when the chips are down at the American Airlines Center. And to be fair, the chips haven't really been down for any team in this series. It has been that close. So for me, regular season or post, the Chicago Bulls could walk into the AAC and grab a grimey win sooner than Miami. Back-to-back wins for Chicago seems more realistic with the discipline they've shown than a four game sweep from the Heat.

And there's the MVP, beat down gang style for two straight games in South Beach, Rose gets a chance to come back home to heal his wounds. He's fine regardless. Frustrated, but fine. Who wouldn't be frustrated in this situation, going back home down 3-1 with the chance of Miami celebrating a berth to the NBA Finals on their home court. But he's not going to admit to showing fatigue from a grueling season carrying the Chicago Bulls, at times, on his uber-tattooed shoulders.

He hasn't lost his fast twitch explosiveness or his rock solid confidence either. Just listen to him.

"Im fine, man," says Rose.

"Trust me, no excuses"
                   -Derrick Rose on Game 5

Forget South Beach, meet D. Rose and the Bulls on the West Side of Chicago.....

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New Kicks The Nike SB Blazer CS Low

In a skating world where vulcanized and cup soles are the chocolate and vanilla of sneaker bottoms, the Nike SB Blazer CS Low is the delicious ‘twist’.  The SB Blazer CS features vulc aesthetics and overall board feel with the extra cushioning of a cup sole plus Zoom Air in the heel for one of the most rideable designs yet from Swoosh skateboarding.  The latest CS Blazer SB is a lowtop in Bison brown suede with Sport Red and white accents that’s sufficiently neutral to stick around for pretty much every season, and you can find them at select Nike SB retailers like Flatspot.

In case you missed it: The Lebrons Episode 6 "Bullies" & 7 "Drake"

 "The LeBrons" animated short series has been a favorite on BlvdAve since we started posting them on the blog. Therefore it's only right we continue giving you guys what you like ! Here's the latest episodes now:

Mixtape Downloads: Trae The Truth, Chamillionaire, Lil Chuckee, DJ Paul

There's always new music dropping, here's a couple more you can check out and see if you wanna download or not. Props to datpiff.com

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In case you missed it: Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Episodes 6 & 7)

Much like how we do with "The LeBrons" , we like to keep our blog views entertained and in the know when a new update comes along on a prior blog post. A few weeks ago we hit you guys with the first 5 episodes of "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" and todays post we're updating you on the latest 2 episodes to be released. Enjoy !!!

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

New Music: Ja Rule - Black Vodka

Rule is back !! Ja drops a vid to a snippet of one of his new songs off the fourth coming album 
‘P.ain I.s L.ove 2′ titled "Black Vodka"
 Say what you will about Ja, but this joint is pretty smooth, lookin forward to the rest of it Rule !!! 

‘P.ain I.s L.ove 2′ in stores June 7, 2011

Freshness: Nike Air Max Skyline

The Nike Air Max Skyline was one of the first models to mark Nike Sportswear’s surge toward hybridization and modular design back in 2009, but we’ve only seen a single new colorway so far this year.  Make that two thanks to this new Air Max Skyline, a mostly black model with white and grey accents plus a burst of energy from select neon accents.  

The Skyline already had that early ’90s look down pat and with the AM95-leaning neon incorporated this is far-reaching pastiche.  Click through to see some more angles and grab a pair from SNS.
Nike Air Max Skyline
Black/White-Dark Grey-Black

Game Heads: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gamplay trailer

Due to be release in November, CoD:MW3 gameplay trailer has just raised the hype to a fever pitch with this one ! I'll see my fellow Game Heads outside of Gamestop at midnight on November 8th !!

Cover Watch: Rick Ross Covers Complex & Vibe Magazine

Ross imitating the Jaws 2 poster on Complex

Inspired by the film Jaws 2, Rick Ross and actor Andy Samberg cover the June/July issue of Complex. As always, the feature is already available to read. This issue hits newsstands June 7th. Ross is also featured on the cover of Vibe magazine in a feature that includes himself and his Maybach Music Group roster (Wale, Pill, Meek Mill). Rick Ross & his Maybach Music Group release there first compilation album "Self-Made"  Available now ! Click Here 
Rozay on the Cover of the new issue of Vibe

Here's a new video by Ross & Meek Mill titled "Perfectionist”

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